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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Infin1ty, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Just signed up on X-Box, if anyone wants to add it, my gamer tag is Infi1ty

    Yes that is the correct spelling, didn't realize my initial profile name was fucked up, so it will be Infi1ty until I can pick up some Microsoft points.

  2. Nice Nice. Add HvyMtlDrummer whenever you can, I just signed up with the 30 free day thing, just to see if my connection is good, well it works fucking perfectly, except the Ethernet cable which connects the Router/Modem is fucked, so I gotta wait 'till Payday (this friday) to pick up a new one.
  3. If you play Left4Dead add lukegasm.
    I play COD4/WaW but far less often then the addictive awesomeness of L4D.

  4. The problem with L4D is that there too many fucking n00bs! They can't do shit.
    Boomer is my speciality. :cool:
  5. Haha yeah I know.
    I met a good player, an older guy who had a love for everything zombie-related.
    Guess what we had to deal with?
    Two people on our team, doing a split-screen..That REFUSED to do anything!
    They just wandered around the saferoom hitting each other.
    At first we thought they were doing it just because they wanted to die and change to Infected.
    But even as Infected they did nothing.

    Such ridiculous shit.
    We managed to complete Level 1 of No Mercy with just us 2 (while the 2 jackasses sat on the roof being dumb) against 4 enemy players with almost full health at the end.

    Then half-way through the second level we finally managed to get one of them to vote Yes on kicking one of them out, thus getting both of those assholes out of the game.

    Then one rejoins in the third level..After we get a good game going..
    And blocks the manhole to the hospital with the dumpster then is kicked out!

    God damn people are so dumb.
  6. That happen to me a lot lately. I stop playing L4D. I went couple other games and there more n00bs too. This year, I seen more n00bs then all 360 life years combined. seriously, It pissing me off!
  7. I enter and quit games constantly,
    until I find a game where mature-sounding people are actually using their mics.
    I need people up to my skill to play with.
    And once I find them, I play myself tired with them.
  8. thavalhalla here
  9. hit up DeliriousM1ke. i only have gears 2 but i'm getting L4D and halo 3 soon.
  10. SupA NovA FoX I have COD4, Halo 3, NJ2, and Burn Out Paradise, but I really only play COD4...so if you have COD4 add me, cause I dont play anything else until a new COD comes out thats better.
  11. My GT: Banandon

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