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  1. My experience with worldwideseeds was excellent. I had my first ever orgaism from it . Just kidding . Back to the story.

    Example dates

    1/01 Paid via Moneygram at localbank

    1/03 Payment Confirmed

    1/20 Order Arrived in the most stealthy means. All seeds in perfect shape no cracks.

    1/21 Germinated 2 seeds (Blueberry Feminised and Super

    Afgahni) Within 12 hours both cracked open and 36 hours

    both legs were about 2/18 s of an inch. Planted both , but it

    only has been 1 day so nither have sprouted. Be expecting

    my growth journal. I am going to be doing about 4 - 6 plants.

    Most likely 2 Blueberries and 4 Afghanis.

    O Yah about this super shit seed i found. It is like 1 inch

    after 5 days. The stem is pretty thick too. Be expecting

    growth journals on that fucker too.
  2. The arrival time was kind of long , but that is because I dont

    live near there or in the states. I live Southwest Asia. <---


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