www.spacegrinders.com - legit or not? Definitive answer.

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  1. Hello,
    Where I live it's really hard to find and buy quality grinders. After some research I've decided on Space Case Titanium 2 PC M. This site - http://www.spacegrinders.com/ offers free shipping (great!) and a price I can accept. My only concern is whether it sells original grinders. To me it looks legit but while I was going through topics on grasscity I've stumbled upon conflicting information regarding the website.
    Can anyone confirm that http://www.spacegrinders.com/ sells original Space Case grinders?

  2. Looks legit to me in that they carry the whole SpaceCase line including their pollen pressers and containers.    They also provide a stateside address on their contact page.
  3. Looks legit as far as I can judge. And after using google I think it is legit. 
    But if you ask me, I wouldn't spend almost 100 bucks on a grinder ;) 
  4. spacecase is a legit brand this is the actual spacecase site http://www.spacecasegrinders.com/ tho that site looks legit but i would buy one at a head shop you will get a better deal and more options
  5. Cheapest Space Case you will get is off Amazon.

    I got one of their Jumbo Black Titanium 4pcs of Amazon for $80

    At the headshop, the same grinder was $120

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