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  1. I've heard bad things about this company being a scam.
    Using others people's pic and saying it was they're grow.
  2. HIGH All, so far we've had no problem with CMS. We ordered the Bubblegum and White Widow which came within two weeks. Seven out of ten of the BG germed, none of the WW germed and I e-mailed CMS to see if there was a problem with the germ rate? No questions asked...where do we send the WW. That was Dec.28/02... I'm waiting for another week...then...well...I'll post our disappointment with this seed company.

    To see what lefty is talking about here's the link.

  3. Thanks for the info. It's good to know we have some one looking out for us!
  4. HIGH All, well people the word going around is this is not the company to choose when making a seed decision.

    I still am to recieve the WW from them. They send an e-mail saying where to send it and still nothing.

    Me I will never deal with this so-called company again and feel bad about my first posts praizing these guys. If anyone gets ripped O.F.F.F. by this company because of me I'LL BE PISSED.

    If you did PM me maybe I can help out.
  5. So let me get this right Unoit, you would not recommend medseeds.com?
  6. HIGH All, well BPP we recieved our seeds before All this hoopla about stealing pictures and not replying to emails. Now it seems people are still waiting for what they ordered.

    It was our first dealings with them and we recieved our seeds in a timely fashion and when I emailed them to see if others we're having germination problems with White Widow and they just asked where to send the WW seeds. This is when I thought this company was legit...now after a month of waiting it seems these "rumors" are becoming true.

    So no we wouldn't order from this company again and I wouldn't recommend them.

    P.S. others at OG, CW and CGI are saying some of their plants turned hermie and so on.

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