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  1. why don't you try and force hermie one then. At least that way you will get some pollen.

  2. Autos are a bit trickier on that front. But I thought about making fem seeds... I decided to just grow them and try again. I have to keep it low stress and work.

    This sale gives me something to think about!!!

    Next time I'll pop all at once.

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  3. Any new strains from these guys that i should try? Just planning for 2014/15 indoor grow. 
  4. can't go wrong with their White Widow max (see my avatar) still one of the best white widow hybrids i have grown
  5. I know this is an old ass thread, but I'd like to post my experience with them. I ordered a few different strains and selected normal shipping. I ended up never received those, and I guess many have had that problem, so I reshipped with super stealth. They ended up coming a week later with awesome packaging. All of them sprouted quickly and everything, but they all seem to have a virus of some sort. I believe the virus was on the seeds to begin, as my other plants haven't been showing any of the traits the one's from MSNL have. One of them died because of it and the autos are about halfway through flowering. I'll update once they finish! They're looking pretty good!
  6. What sort of symptoms are they showing? It is very difficult for a virus to come from the seed as that is not how they are spread. Do you actually mean a fungus of some sort? Were these planted in a brand new grow medium or soil that you have used in a previously successful grow?
  7. I've bought from these guys a number of times (not any more) Discreet delivery means they'll be stuck to a piece of paper and sent as a letter. Had 100% delivery success to Australia but the seed quality was shit. The germination success rate was very low (or nil on some attempts) using the soak method. Bought the same strain through Herbies and had 9 out of 10 germinate.
    I won't waste my money with marijuana seeds-nl again. Communication ain't so great either.
    If using Herbies....use greeting card stealth mode so it doesn't come through customs as a package.
  8. Hey bro.. Have you or anyone tried the g13 or critical ? Was wondering what yields to expect from these. Not finding a lot of info in Google search.
  9. Without a doubt, it's not a virus. Either you picked a strain that did not work for your environment, or you made some mistakes. These guys are legit. They have a no hassle, no BS customer service, and their strains are world class and correct.
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    Seems like I'm the only one recently putting up info here, but I've had such good experiences with these guys, I've got to give some thanks to The CS guy for being a danm fine CS guy and I'm sure all around good guy. I've had no issues with their seeds. I've tried White Widow Max, White Widow Max AF, Pineapple Kush, THC Snow, Sour Diesel, Pure Power Plant, G13 Haze, Critical, White LSD AF, Purple Widow, and I'm waiting on some OG Kush and a couple of Chemdawg Fem. No issues with any of these. The guaranteed stealth is fn legit. If you are ordering here, know that the stealth is as good or better than anybody's. The seeds are healthy and have a high germ rate. I got 4 auto fems and 6 females because they had a double free seeds special. 100%
  11. hey lion-breath
    I watched a nature special on television once. Four fully-grown male lions attempted (and failed miserably) at trying to take down an elephant. Actually they ran away terrified when the elephant approached them.
  12. growing Sour Diesel Auto Fem(SDAF) for my first grow with seeds I purchased from them. I have tried to germinate 3 out of the 10 seeds I received from them with all 3 sprouting. Here is a pic of the SDAF Day 16 from seed under CFL MJ6.jpg
  13. What's a good and reliable website to order from?
  14. The website in this thread title...
  15. I've grown three auto ak-47s from this site and am growing one now, greats plants. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Anyone from Canada ever order seeds from marijuana-seeds.nl???
  17. I
    I can't find my seeds I looked very carefully what do I do now?
  18. Just placed my order - Will update when the package arrives and upon germination.

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