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www.marijuana-seeds.nl REVIEW - With Pictures!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Lion, May 16, 2009.

  1. #1 Lion, May 16, 2009
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    THE SITE IS www.marijuana-seeds.nl

    DO NOT GET CONFUSED WITH www.marijuanaseeds.nl, they are a FAKE, and will not send you seeds (So I've read.)

    I know there are a couple threads about this site, but I thought I would give my personal experience. I ordered the SUPER STRONG Value Pack for $82 USD, and the Buddha strain (Gotta' love the pure-sativa) from their site. I live in the United States, and they ship world-wide. It took about 35 Days to get my order here in the states because I sent them cash, so it was expected. Their company is located in the United Kingdom rather than Holland so customs doesn't spike an interest in this package from Holland lol..Also, the STEALTH shipping is WORTH the extra fee. NO DOUBT. The seeds are IN-FUCKING-VISIBLE even after I opened the package, and looked inside, I thought I got ripped off FOR SURE. I put the package in a dresser droor thinking I just lost $120...I posted in my grow journal that I got ripped off, and people posted back telling me HOW TO FIND MY SEEDS LOL. I won't mention exactly how they hide'em, but it's amazingly well done..Trust me, if customs OPENED your fucking package, and OPENED the "Hidded" method..THEY STILL would not find your seeds. The seeds are very nice as well. Dark, and hearty color, they look to be full of life! You also get 5 Free seeds! The 5 free seeds are currently (It changes) Mazar x Afghan Seeds. Here they are...

    From left to right it's 5 Free seeds, (I) Ice, (BU) Buddha, (C) Crystal (Or Chrystal), and (WW) White Widow.

  2. ya bro I order my seeds from these guys every time. Just harvested some masterkush and ice bud. Between two plants I pulled a 1/4 pound. Not bad considering I was only planning to clone the two plants I had. I then decided to flower these chopped up ladies and they still gave me 1/4 pound. Pretty good I thought.

    I just planted 10 feminized Pure power plant seeds (now sprouted and in 2nd week of life) and I am now working on the 3rd generation clones from me original master kush plant. AWesome I think and the stealth shipping fucking rocks....it will get you a little confused the first time.:D
  3. Hey Lion,

    That shit made me freak out a lil' bit first time as well. I sent them an email saying WTF and when they explained it to me i felt pretty dumb;)
    The Jack Herer i got from them is one of teh best i have every grown and if you like the Sativas i can really reccomend it:D

  4. Ahh! I know! I saw it, and was like "I want it!" But, we needed a lot of plants, so I had to do the Seed Special they have..Not to much money to spend, y'know? Well, I'll surely consider buying it soon if I obtain the money.
  5. Hey ordered a strain from what i thought was marijuana-seeds site...it was a feminized strain called cinnamon which I expected to take a couple weeks but it was only 6 days later that they arrived...80% germanation...
    Anyway about one month into budding our county lost power for a week..so we croped them early and it was still one of the best strains i have ever smoked...I didnt get the chance to keep it going ...
    Anyway I remembered the site name (marijuana-seeds) and was pretty sure i recognized the homepage but I couldnt find the strain.. so i ordered ww max and bubblegum.. has anyone tried these strains? I couldnt resist the claims that ww max had over 20% thc and that bubblegum REALY tastes like bubblegum...
  6. i ordered the JH from marijuana-seeds.nl, they sent 10 extra plus 5 bonus afgan /mazar(?). The supposed JH turned out to be some really weak ass shit. I won't be going back.
  7. i would have to agree big time...i order from this company my very 1st time and they sent my package in a weeks time...stealth is right cuz i was like where's my sh^t ..i couldnt find it :smoke: but i ordered the chronic, brainstorm and bubblegum and let me say ....i am far from least disappointed ...the babies or groing like a champ:hello: and the bubble gum is like they say "smell like that pink chewing gum flavor.
  8. Hey Hackleman, Take a look at my avatar - that is WWM. She is a real sweetheart who packs a Fu**ing hevy punch. Definately recommend it.

  9. I sent them an email complaining of my wasted time and effort. They responded very quickly and apologetically, they also sent me 20 replacements of the JH plus an additional 10 Buddha. I won't know how good they are for a while but at least they acted like they cared.
    This is more than i can say for worldwide marijuana seeds (single seed center). I tried them and paid for their so called no BS guaranteed shipping and they screwed up the shipping instructions and have not sent me anything. So much for the no BS guarantee, it is total BS.:confused:
  10. Do not use marijuana-seed.nl they are shit !!!!!!i paid for mango with a money order and ever get my seeds !!!! After i e-mail marijuana-seeds.nl back i get an "auto-re" they get my money and ever e-mail me in let me know they get my payment i had to check with my post office to see if the money order was cashed fuck'em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Single seed center and nirvana are the best !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sorry to hear that :( . Got mine in 5 business days! ;) Will repost later to inform everyone on male/female ratio and germination rates. I got the premium indoor variety bag which came with 5 free afghan. " i do not grow marijuana nor do i condone any illegal activity."
  12. now thats what i call costumer service, they acted like that imo because they want your buisness and care bout the client, a happy client is a returning client
  13. what does it show up as on a credit card statement? :confused:

  14. I'm not going to list the name for obvious reasons but the name that appears on the statement is in no way related to weed, marijuana, cannabis. They use a totally different name, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!
  15. man all of those strains look so good. i wish they had a pick n mix option :(
  16. Yeah there genetics are spot on and the delivery and all round customer service is excellent! Would definitely recommend:D:smoke:
  17. I just ordered from them last night and got my confirm email today. I got the Aurora Indica and I'm pretty stoked. They seem legit.

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