www.AboveTheInfluence.com? HELL NO! More like...

Discussion in 'General' started by Scapris, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. really good shit. keep us updated


    i love alcohol, but id give up a lot of shit for weed to be legal and alcohol to illegal again. it just doesnt make any sense at all. what positive effect has alcohol ever had on the human body?
  2. Our country was founded on the sale of tobacco and alcohol, it would destroy our govt. if they were illegal :\

  3. Great idea. I have a suggestion of citing your information with links to other websites backing up your facts about marijuana. Good luck with the site man, I'd be happy to help you think of improvements you can make to the site once it's put up.
  4. I'm feelin' the "Above The Ignorance". Plus it gives a good overall ring to it, Above The Influence... Above The Ignorance... Above The Bullshit, like someone else said, may cause people to overlook the site.
  5. This is a great idea. +rep for stepping up and doing something to show people what weed is really like.
  6. Ya, I would definitely go with


    sounds more presentable than above the bullshit, and sounds very similar to abovetheinfluence.
  7. I've tried, it's already been registered and I am not about to pay someone several hundred dollars to buy it :)

  8. www.abovetheignorance.org or .net would be a good alternative. or maybe, if you really want the .com, then www.above-the-ignorance.com
    And since you've already purchased abovethebullshit, you can just make that domain a forward (so if someone goes to abovethebullshit, they are forwarded to abovetheignorance).
  9. I ordered abovetheignorance.org !! w00t... heh :) I just love buying domains... a piece of internet history is born!

    As soon as the domain is live and propagated I'll forward abovethebullshit to the new domain...

    If this site is to garner any sort of success, it has to be acceptable for media... no choice about it :(

    Yeah it's bullshit what they're doing, but if we dont need to sink to their level, so to speak... ;)
  10. The new domain started to work for me, so I went ahead and moved forwarded abovethebullshit.com... It may take up to 48 hours to fully propagate throughout the whole of the intarweb...
  11. Hell ya,
    Now that's what I'm talking about =D

  12. Website is now "AboveTheIGNORANCE.org" !!! It's getting updated every single day so keep checkin' back =)

  13. put a hit counter on the web site.
  14. Have one, however, it's invisible =)

    In 1 day we got roughly 150 unique hits.

  15. keep us updated cuz im curious as to how many people view the website. ill definately be promoting it. right about now u should be getting a bunch of new hits. :)
  16. Alright dudes now that the website is up we need commercials to spread the word.
  17. Don't know if you noticed but:

    The list below contains facts about Marijuana, un-altered FACTS. Rest asured that the people who love the hobby of smoking marijuana will fight till the end to dispell the curtain of shame the media has cast on us.

    I believe you misspelled assured ;)
  18. Alright. I'm going to spread this to all my friends. And their friends. And their friends.
  19. Address the governments bullshit. Make an article on "Stoners in the Mist" about how it is a horribly unrealistic stereotype that only serves to misinform and frighten younger and younger audiences. That would be bomb :cool:

    Oh and make a forum. I know many of us would definitely join.

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