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  1. I thought about it, however, the message I am delivering is that the "facts" are all bullshit. Plain and simple, no better way to put it.

    I do know exactly where you are coming from though mang.

  2. it should be something doing with the tobacco companies that pay for those anti-smoking campaign things.

    such as
    "Above The Ignorance"
    "Above The Lies"
    If you get what I mean..
  3. I'd be more than happy to copyedit any content... just making sure you have your possessive apostrophes down pat, your long words spelt correctly & your their/there/they're 's in order :) It makes a good impression.
  4. Being that my real life job entails this, I wouldn't want to take up your time ;) Thanks for the support!

  5. Really? Do ya mind telling me more? It's a field I'm very interested in.
  6. You could also have another page that allows people to get involved with the situation in an effort to change their state current marijuana laws. Like congressmen they should appeal to, politicians in the '08 election that are against the drug war, and anything else along those lines. And have a Links page with stuff like norml.org, etc.

    Another idea would be to take "facts" from the Above the Influence site, and disprove them using evidence taken from clinical studies and other sources of information. This won't be too hard, since all the stuff they put on their site grossly exaggerates the truth or is a complete fabrication altogether. I think this is where you could win the most people over that are on the fence about the issue.

    And one guy suggested to not bash on the media even if they are ridiculous, but to use facts supporting your opinions to why their reasoning is illogical and try to sound as professional as possible.

    The last thing was content to put on your site, it is a documentary called In Pot We Trust. Just saw it like an hour ago and it gives people on both sides of the issue a chance to talk, but the cannabis supporters make a much more convincing case than the guys against it IMO. It airs again on the 11th if u have showtime.


    I was hoping it would be on Youtube so you could put it on your site, but keep an eye out for it cuz its new.

  7. <img src=http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/781/whatafunnybabycl1.gif>

    ill be sure to check out this "In Pot We Trust" :p
  8. Check your PM... I have plenty of extra space...(and 10 years web development experience :D)
  9. I am a web designer, therefore, I must constantly look for mistakes :\
  10. Just a suggestion but look up some videos of the Stoned Assasins playing Paintball... its a pro paintball team that the lead singer from Cypress Hill plays on... they are always high when they play (I am too :D)
  11. Try Penn & Teller's War on Drugs episode, probaly most convincing.
  12. Great ideas, I'll get on some when I get home from work today

  13. Scapris i fing love u man all the people at school think stonners are stupid slow people and sterotype me as that and no not school as in highschool as in tafe and other australians will know what it is its like college but yea i get stero typed so much im not overweight im not dumb im not slow (maybe a bit) but i hate it defintly +reps ill be showing this to all my stonner friends :D
  14. This is awesome, +rep
  15. maybe u can make a list of succesful people who do smoke pot...

    if this thing really takes off, celebrity endorsements?
  16. oh and u could start a petition on the website too...

    if nothing else more research has to be done on pot
  17. This is such an excellent idea. Although I do like the idea of "abovetheignorance" better, because it just sounds more intelligent, although not as bold as "bullshit". Also the fact that, it would be harder to advertise the website because of the word "shit" (they'd beep/blur it out on TV and radio). I don't know, just something to consider.

    Anyway, I think you should have a cartoons/commercial section. One of the reasons the website is so popular is because of their cartoons and commercials. So why don't WE make some of our own? A friend of mine, who runs www.whatthefawk.com, made a cartoon called "Weed Harmless 3" (go watch it!), which does a very good job of both providing facts about weed, and also being entertaining at the same time. I bet you I could talk him into letting you use his animation on your website. He is however working on a website www.weedharmless.com, but I have a feeling he'll never actually get it finished. He's really lazy.

    I've also found one or two good parody videos on youtube of the anti-drug commercials. Maybe we could contact the authors of those, and see if they would allow us to use their content as well?

    I myself am in the process of making an animation parodying one of the anti-drug ads (the one with the stoner and his dog). I'd be more than happy to represent your website with it, or list your website as the "sponsor". I'm very good with flash animation (and some programming as well), and I'd be more than happy to help design some of your website in flash (make parts of it "interactive"), or even make a fancy intro animation, parodying the one on above the influence. Please PM me if you're interested! I'm going to get to work on finishing my parody cartoon...

    Oh, and is the email address abovetheinfluence@yahoo.com supposed to be abovethebullshit@yahoo.com? That would make more sense. Or maybe comments@abovethebullshit.com if you have email accounts with your domain purchase. I would also recommend using www.gmail.com instead of www.yahoo.com. You'll have alot more disk space (over 2 gigs).

    Either way, +rep for taking action! :hello:

    Oh yeah, one other thing. The site can not come off as TOO biased. That's exactly the reason that high times is never viewed as a credible source at all. Same goes for abovetheinfluence. Their site is so biased, you just can't take them seriously. We need to be fair and balanced.
  18. I just saw another one of their bullshit commercials today and i'm glad someone is finally stepping up. Thank you for doing this, hopefully we can convince the world about the joys of marijuana.
  19. Some good content you could add is a couple articles about how it fights/slows alzheimers.


    There are a couple other good articles on that also, but I don't have time to go find em right now. But later ill add em as well as some other articles.

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