www.AboveTheInfluence.com? HELL NO! More like...

Discussion in 'General' started by Scapris, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. mods, can we use that as a 'second' to another motion for a sticky? :D
  2. agreed. this is an important resource to stoners. :wave:
  3. unfucking believable.

    abovetheignorance has been blocked at my school because of "illicit drug use/portration" or something, while abovetheinfluence is still unblocked and most likely will be,

  4. Just go to amsterdamage's posts and use all of that one either of your 2 websites Scapris. I didn't read this entire thread, so I am sure that someone else already mentioned it, but that amount of proof cannot be avoided.
  5. Mark! When's the new layout going to be finalized and put on the site! The black is fucking sick!
  6. I am asking myself that same question. Nick is the only person I know who knows how to implement and use the new website tools. To be honest I am not sure when he will find the time to put all my graphics together. However, I can assure you all that this website is going to be magnificent when finally finished. We plan to add several interactive features and a blog spot for our very own AK Infinity.

    Night all,
  7. If there is anyone out there that is good at scripting and putting websites together with CSS, drop me an email at o0oreborn@yahoo.com

    I think Nick has too much on his plate right now.

  8. awesome site man! and it actually re assured me about smoking. Ive heard all theses rumors of the risks and now that i viewed this website i feel comfortble smoking daily.
  9. That's my rebuttal to any person that doesn't know the FACTS. Research it and learn :)


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