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WWMD (What Would Moses Do) for a bong hit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D9_THC, Mar 12, 2004.


What would Moses for a well packed bowl?

  1. Shave off his beard

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  2. let the pharoah have the herbrews back

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  3. start his own hippie weed farm commune at the foot of mount sinai

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  4. *meep*

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  1. i'm just wondering. when all the hebrews were wondering in the desert, they must have been cluckin for a nice bit of the sticky icky in a shiny vapouriZa.

    i thinik maybe the brning bush.. it was just so hot out there that this little cannabis bsh burst into flames and moses inhaled the good fumes and heard the bush say "hi"

    there jst wasn't enough left to give to the other hebrews so he made up this story about the talking bush.
  2. I know what moses would do for a hit, cus he came to me last night in a big orange space ship and hovered over my ranch.

    he tole me this:


    praise be to burning bush.
  3. lol sacrilishious
  4. almost as bad as rolling with pages of the bible because u cant find your damn zig's ANYWHERE and u dont even own a pipe
  5. I've heard of this a million times, how do you do it? There's no gum on the bible pages (haha, it would rock if there was though.)

  6. You gotta use honey or maple syrup or something like that.
  7. i had to roll a spliff with bible pages the other day. i don't see why those blank pages at the back should go to waste.

    i used honey to stick it.. it didn't really stick bt you gotta slap it on so even though it doesn't join the paper it blocks up the gap so it still smokes.

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