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WWJD (what would jesus do)--- for a bong hit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ShelMikedMu, Mar 10, 2004.


WWJD (what would jesus do)--- for a bong hit?

  1. turn wine back into water so he can use it in the bong

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  2. ask Pointus Pilot to back the fuck off

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  3. stay dead

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  4. walk on the water all the way to the North Pole (and stop to say hi to Santa Claus)

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  1. what would Jesus do...for a bong hit from god's water, the ocean was described as god's bong water in another thread...and I ask you, citizens, what would jebus do? (for a bong hit)

    I know what I would do...(there isn't mych I would not do)
  2. Jesus definitely took a few bingers back in the day. Helz yea Jesus, you go girl.

  3. Most definately. You see the man's haircut? Straight out of the 60's.

    Hah, kind of off topic, but a funny story. On Halloween at our school, the seniors dress up and parade through the elementry school. Well, I was a hippie, and my friend was Jesus. Before school we rolled around in my car roasting a fat Dutchie. Just cracks me up thinking how awkward it would be to be a cop and pull over Jesus and a hippie smoking a blunt. Haha.
  4. damnit luke!! i was waiting to say that as i went through the thread...

    bah im full of coffee!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZOOO!!!!
  5. lol..I think most cops would hesitate to pull over jesus ;)
  6. he'd just turn all the cops into bud and smoke them.

    that's how he fed all those people.

    and he did it all for a bong hit.
  7. wouldnt smoking weed just make them hungry? so how could he feed all those people?
  8. they ate the weed. lol

    and got huge amonts of protein and grew strong like giants.

    the pigs (roman guards?)..... there were about two dozen trying to stop jesus, cos he he was shooting fireballs from his eyes.

    but jeezuz just turned them all into bud. there mst have been a good few tonnes (equal to the weight of 500 donkeys)

    and so all the people who usually wold have eaten fish, instead ate the Christus homegrown (spectral plane-grown?) and that's why they thought he was the son of God.

    he was in fact just a very purple alien.
  9. its obvious that Jebus would rent a hot air baloon and send it up to mars only to find the bushell of apricots he ordered werent ripe so he turned the tree bark on it side and pretended to put garlic in the oak tag. after realizing his mistake, he nailed himself to a cross and forfieted the football match.
  10. if i was god i'd use holy water in my bong.

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