Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 13, 2006.

  1. GOD DAMNIT!! i got 2 vials of hydromorphone and my god damn syringe is clogged..... i'm gonna cry if i cant get this shit to work

    oh, i'm fuckin sick wit it i got it unclogged, time to OD cuz i dont know shit about IV hydromorphone doses

    oh no, its clogged again, motherfucker
  2. damn neligent...you crazy homie
  3. good luck getting that shit unclogged :)
  4. FUCK! i got it unclogged n i did jus a lil bit n it was so good but it wasnt enough, n now i cant get it unclogged again, motherfucking fuck
  5. haha i hate nights like that where shit just does not go your way :smoke:

    make sure you don't do too much man
  6. haha, you a fool neg, you a fool.

  7. jesus christ, the bullshit i go through to use intravenous drugs, thats gotta be the world record for longes to shootup, i started workin on that shit at 9 n didnt get a nice solid rush until jus now at 1030

    i aint even doin the other one, feels just as good as heroin, i think i might of shot a chunk of somethin in that bitch though cuz when i put the needle in my arm the 2nd time i pushed it n it got half way then i had to push with all my might n somethin went pop n it jus went rushin into my arm

    at least i feel good now, nothin great though since i didnt do enough the first time like i should have
  8. See, Im fucking drunk as fuck, Stoned as it gets. And feelin real mellow of xanys. Im glad this is all the drugs i do.

    (I am in no way am meaning to disrespect to offend you homie. Honest, Its straight. I know people are still good people not mattering what they do. Ya know.) (I'm also extremrly drunk so none of this prollly makes sense. It dont to drunk me i know.)

    But im glad this is what i do. Im glad im not on bo bo's like alot of people i grew up with, Im glad in not on the needle like alot of them are. Im glad i didnt do that shit, And stuck to the good ol shit.

    I'm so tore up i cant imagine being more fucked up unless im throwing up and not enjoying it no more.

    But i still got like a hour and a half till my ex gets here. Then she gon take a shower n everything. So like 2 hours until i got anything to do besides get fucked up.

    So i got two more hours of drinking n smoking. Im done wiht pills. Well i might snort another one or two.

    But ima be so tore up.

    I forgot the point of what i was writing.

    Im jus writing.

    To write.


    Im drunk.
  9. dude, i dont even know what the hell you jus said, it sounded like u were gonna give me a lecture on how i shouldnt shoot shit, then u went into how fucked up you are, then u said you quit pills, and then said ur doin 1 or 2 more haha

    but the xanax and endo sac's will make ya slack, so i feel the ramble my nig haha
  10. you sound like me im done with pills im just going to snort these last 5
  11. Gnarly. Smoke a morphine patch.
  12. HAHA i truly have so much respect for negligent, Hes me role model
  13. I've never shot up and I just don't like the idea. Kind of seems like a buzz kill to me. I'm sure I'll atleast try it soon enough.
  14. yea i'd like to feel the effects, but i've just set IV drugs as a mental barrier in my mind. Theres plenty other chemicals to keep me happy... plus needles gross me out.

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