WW FEM Red Deisel Fem, and Purple Power *Pics and Questions*

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    The situation (Whats what, whats mixed, ect.)

    Okay, so Ive got a grow going this year, using 5-7 gallon buckets, with holes in the bottoms, My soil mix is a litlte complex, using old rotted horse manure, some 20 year old compost, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, lime, and potting mix, its about 40-50 percent compost, and the rest is about equally mixed, other than the horse manure. Below you can see they are doing quite well, first picture being exactly a month before the second picture. The tallest one you see, to the left Is my free feminized white widow,(all are attitude seeds) the taller one to your right, that is sativa looking is a nirvanna new purple power, the only non feminized seed in the pack. The others are red deisel. There are 5 deisels, one purple, and one ww. The WW has shot off like a rocket, outgrowing all the others, then next is the purple, these pics are about a week old, the purple is now just as big as the ww, the deisels are pretty far behind, as you can see. I did have an armadillo or something dig a hole all the way down the side of two of the diesels, which could have caused stunting but they are not doing fine. In my part of the country it has rained everyday for around 2 weeks, which is weird seeing how its normall dry here. I have fertilized with some fertilome 23-18-16 water soluble around 3-4 times, one-two of those times I think it may have been drained right thru due to a rainstorm popping up right after I get done or later in the day.

    The questions, problems or whatever..

    Okay, so the deisels are further behind, we'll start there, Could it be because they are just a different strain that doesnt like the wet weather as much, or their just smaller plants? Another problem, when placing the pots in the woods I dropped 3 just after transplanting and had to find them on the ground and put them back in the dirt, which caused shock for about a week then they took off, this also caused the MAIN PROBLEM which is I had to transplant a feminized deisel in the pot with the feminized WW. so there is 2 in one pot, which I know is a no no, so a lot of people believe, so what should I do, the deisel in the same pot is much smaller than the rest, for probably obvious reasons, and much much smaller than the WW. I topped it also. Should I just go ahead and sacrifice this deisel for the well being of the WW?! Another problem, Another deisel I have the dirt fell all out of the bucket, so its only around half full of dirt, and the deisel in there is about half as big as the rest, should I carry it off and just transplant it? It just looks so sick compared to the rest. I know there is a lot in here, but I havent had the chance to get on and post pics lately, all help will be greatly appreciated, definitely if this grow makes it to smoke. Thanks guys. The widow I'm talking of thats shorter with half the soil is not visable in the pictures and the one in the same pot as the WW is hard to see. I guess teh pics are more for entertainment. but yet another question, the top of the white widow all the leaves are growing closer together nwo with the white hairs everywhere, even down the clone branches, like its starting to bud, but its not time, and none of the others are doing this, so what should I do? Shoudl I keep giving it the veg fetilizer or switch it? ALSO HOW DO I FERTILIZE IN THE RAIN?! Thats driving me crazy, haven't been able to in 2 weeks due to the rain, its on and off all the time.

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  2. They're doing real nice man. Ferts in the rain is ok, whatever as long as they're growing and not burned or something.
    Your soil mix seems real good too. 20 year old compost lol. Should be fine anyway :D.
    If the WW is super nice and healthy and the durban is short and not good, yes transplant the durban somewhere else for the WW. But if the roots are intertwined it could hurt the WW too. You could just kill the durban but it seems too bad. Maybe some clones of the durban and cut stem to not disturb WW. Or keep both esp. if the WW is already flowering and won't get super tall (it'll continue growing in flowering though).
    If your WW is flowering, either you light shocked them or it has auto genes and then yes you should turn to flow. ferts. It sucks if you wanted it much bigger. If it was light shocked then wait and it'll veg back in & week about.

    Looks real good, no stress man!
  3. Yeah it would make since if they were light shocked, I say so because of all the rain, the sun has been hidden everyday lately, I'll just let it tuff it out, they are about 4ft tall right now.. so its doing good, its grew like 3-4 foot in the past month.. appreciate your reply but yeah the soil seems to be doing great, just wished I knew what to do about the diesel in the same pot.. I think I'll do just like you said and let it get a little taller and take some clones off of it and kill it off..
  4. Your plants are looking beautiful. Be mindful of the pine needle litter..... that stuff can easily raise your pH (maybe).
  5. Yeah Jesus is right pine neddles as mulch is a no no. Outdoor clouds cannot induce light shock so I'd say it has autoflowering genes in it. The good news is that it's good to mix with a later good genetics (heavy indica) to get a nice early finsihing harvest for next year. Don't worry about the Durban. If it's healthy and all, I'd leave it unless you know how to clone (I don't but it may not be too hard). 2 plants per pot will affect both plants' yield to some extent though but they'll grow just fine. DOn't worry man it's all good.
  6. Okay, will remove the pineneedles, any ideas what could go in place, I mostly got them there becasue all the white perlite glows after a rain and its gets washed up, also, out of being curious is there any special fence or anything I could use to hide these? like from the sides, I donno, jEsus, thanks man, this is my first successful outdoor grow I've been waiting so hard to come, I started last year and my shit got ate up by armadillos, I need to get something to prevent that as well.. Ive been getting awful paranoid lately about someone coming across my babys. anywyas, thanks a lot guys
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    So, I was just wondering, I've got 4 purple power plants, 3 of which arent in the pictures, but they are all about just as big, could I take clones from each one and move them indoor 12/12 to go ahead and find out whats male and female? and have a little personal till the crops here? Also, took a few pics for you guys, you can see their starting to do well after ferting and spraying insectiside, this is 5 days later from the other picture.

    anyone have any ideas how to blend in around them so they wont be so visable?
    I topped the DIESEL that was in the same pot as the WW also.
    The rest are just growing straight, should I top them now or is it too late?
    If I do, will I really have more yeild?

    I just went out and noticed the WW is still putting on hairs, now their down the clone branches in some spots, the top of the plant is now growing staggard, like instead of each fan leaf being straight across from the other their offset now, also growing a lot closer together now, and the clone branches are really long, showing white hairs at the nodes, I dont think its any autoflower strain, its a g13 feminized white widow from a good bank.. its june 11th, and I live in georgia. I fertilized today with the 23-18-16, I may wait around 5 days to go back out and see whats going on.

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  8. Well, you cant really tell in these pictures, but they sortve show how they are growing staggard, the tallest one on the left is my purple, and tallest on the right is the WW, the rest are Red Diesel.

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