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WV Dank!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Unknown Dank, May 13, 2011.

  1. sup GC! picked up some of this smelly ass bud. Think its called purple OG but not 100% on the name right now. Smells skunky and cheesey and its strong too, it will stink up the whole room in minutes, tastes just like the smell. Super dense and frosty (pictures arent that high of quality but oh well). Enjoy!

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  2. looks dank man :bongin:
  3. thanks!
  4. how much did you pay?
  5. 120 a quarter
  6. That's pretty steep for a quad bro
  7. i know but it's worth it
  8. Ha you know what I shouldn't talk I just paid 65 for an eight of some dank shit called green cheese
  9. That shit looks dank as hell

    Where about in WV?
  10. thats not smart to talk about online:cool:
  11. this looks like grape ape kush i had a few weeks back
  12. Youre right lol

    I just get excited when theres potentially buds from around my small area on here :smoke:

  13. It always drove me nuts knowing there is dank right around the corner that I can't find! good looking bud, same prices as what's over here in east virginia :)

  14. Agreed!

    I know we have dank floating around but alot of it is in the hands of the younger kids (I'm young too) and they only get small amounts and try to flip it..
  15. thanks man. if it wasnt a brand new batch and the dankest batch we have ever seen the price would be a little lower but i dont mind payin a lil bit extra to be the first with the best bud in my area:smoke:
  16. I'm in sw WV majority of the time and I cant ever find anything seems to me its easier to get harder shit than a damn plant over there

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