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wv bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wv dro, May 3, 2011.

  1. i would like to see other blades from west virginias pick ups. wanna know if im gettin shit or kush compared to everyone else
  2. nobody else?
  3. oh the wonderful and wild west virginia ! alot of my family lives there, and I am there every year for rifle season :p
  4. Alot of my best buddies have alot of friends up there .
    But im sure you all have some dank you all had good land when i was up there.
    You always could ask your cousin for some.
    Just kidding man i give people a hard time alot:p
    Don't worry you can hate back on me im from tn.
  5. haha ive got one cousin and hes a straight edge bitch. i sure didnt fuck him either. (usual wv stereotype wv'ins fuck their cousins) idk what to get on Tennessee people for :smoke:
  6. Nothing like some good ole' inbred joked
  7. what do people do in WV
  8. Their cousins.

    (I'm from VA, whaddya expect?)
  9. #10 RedMagic, May 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2011

    Holy shit I thought I was the only one on here :bongin:

    Anyway... Yeah fuck most of the connects I know if you're looking for dank anymore. 2 of my main guys recently got busted, and another one moved away. I can still get dank but I gotta go across the river haha.

    Decent mids though.

    Absolutely fucking nothing around my neck of the woods. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing to do but work and get high. I hate it and love it at the same time.
  10. in charleston we smoke weed and fuck around.. not much more to do.
  11. Haha, I'm from the 540, right beside the 304, its true. Nothin to do but work and blaze
  12. im in the 540 as well and i agree just blazin eh
  13. For the info. man .
    West Virginia , is the only place you it is legal to marry your cousins lol.
  14. Im right across the river from the panhandle!

    I'm close to Martins Ferry

    Danks hard to find but I get fire mids
  15. I'm from wheeling and it's easy to find dank.
  16. thats probably because its easier to grow their. but nice i wish i could find any dank at all.
  17. Yeah I know guys around town that go to Wellsburg, Wheeling, Knoxville OH, Stubenville, etc to get dank, it seems like no one in Weirton has a connect for the goods in town.. I used to know a ~50 year old guy that sold straight fire for 10/g,$40 quarters, $70 halfs, $130 Ounces. He quit though :/
  18. you should urge him to pick it back up.
  19. morgantown is wet, check it out fellow WV blades

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