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wut u like more

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tipsy, Jun 27, 2004.


wut u like more

  1. sativa

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  2. indica

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  1. wut u like more sativa or indica
  2. ya i like sativa for partys and shit but i much rather have some nice indica for those nights im smokin by myself and just sit and listent to some music all intence mind shit and junk
  3. I like sativa for smoking during the day, because then I can still go to class and pay attention and shit.

    I prefer indica at night when I'm just chillin with my roomates.
  4. Sativa's are nice. Usually we get indica dominant strains where I am, so when sativa's come around its an awesome change (NYC Diesel :D).

    I like a good indica though if I want to just sleep real well.
  5. We get mostly Sativa 'round here. Prefer it, generally, over Indica highs.
  6. sativa. it's crazy, man.
  7. sativa....indica has no chance.....GG

    nice sativa when ur not all lazy and shit. the stuff i got now is like 60-80% sativa. i cant tell cuz i get sort of lazy, but i want to do shit, and walk and run and shit like that. plus i get more jumpy. good shit too, 2 bong rips leaves u face down on the floor.
  8. Absolutely Indica.

    I smoke to treat pretty bad anxiety. Sativas usually make
    me edgy. Not nervous or nothing, but just on edge for the
    evening. It's because most of the sativa around here is mids
    or lower. The dank around here is usually indica. And that's
    just the way I like it.

    Indicas calm me right down.

    I was just out last week, and my brother got married on
    friday, and I was the best man, and I also suffer from social
    anxiety, and I'm standing up there in front of the church, and
    my hand is just shaking.

    Wow that was a long sentence.

    Anyway, yesterday I got a sack and I'm just chillin now. It's
    mids, and it's a sativa/indica mix. It's nice.

    I mean don't get me wrong. I won't ever get to the point
    where I'll ever refuse weed. And sativas are great, but an
    indica is how I like my weed.

    Anyway, that's my rambling explanation of why I like indica
  9. sativa for during the day, i hate smokin in the afternoon and feelin outta of it for the rest of the day. indica, for late night tokin while watchin tv on the couch.
  10. depends what kinda sativa and depends what kinda indica. and what the conditions are, whos around etc.
  11. mmm indica
  12. its all about timing, if were talking wake and bake, its the mexican sativa, if its 11 pm and your watching stand up on comedy central, its california indica that will work, indica works better in pipes bongs, sativa is good joint weed, partys are good when you got sativa, indica works when your with a girl, but if your trying to get with her, dont overdose on the california bud, it will put both of you to sleep
  13. man i really ike sativa or in the day with my friends but a indica now and then fine but i really like it for when i am by myself helps me relax like right now
  14. sativa is hard to find here without a good hookup. so i never really smoked sativa... indica can get old tho. after a mean tolerance it's like : what's the point in smoking more?

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