wut to do?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cky26K, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. I paid a guy 60$ to go and get me a bowl ( my car is broken down, get to tired walking) from a local smoke shop... well he comes back, and said the guy wouldnt sell him a bowl, cuz he wasnt 18 (he is) and he didnt have any ID on him. Then the guy tells me that he went to another dude who he buys from and the guy just takes the money and never calls him back. I don't really know wut to do, but he said he would gimme 70$ worth of strait nug after the weekend if he didnt get the bowl by the weekend... well now it is monday... and i still dont got my piece... wut should i do? ( P.S. I am new to toking, so plz help me out)
  2. you got burned.....
  3. ima go cry now.... :(
  4. Yes you got ripped off, your chance will come somday when you can rip someone off.

    But $60 for a bowl!? What the fuck!? I wouldn't pay more than £5 for a bowl over here.
  5. i was thinking that he was ripping me off... cuz on here i can get 1 for 16... so yea... and he said he coulndt get a receipt.... im pissed now... damnit....
  6. Why didn't you go yourself?
  7. ^^^ (im to lazy.... SSSSHHHHHH) part of the money was going to be for bud too.... so i just gave him that to get me a piece and sum bud

  8. Oh, well I guess you learned a lesson, huh? Never give anyone money and send them off to do work you should do yourself.
  9. =\ this is f*cked up... i lost 60 $ cuz of sum dousche bag.... time to get the baseball bat out.....
  10. lol i thought you meant you were gonn pay $60 for a bowl of bud. dude you probably woulda have done the same if some n00b handed you $60 and you could just walk away like that

    i probably would have.
  11. Most every one is honest till you give them a chance not to be..

    Did you know the guy well that you give the money to??

    Don't trust any one that you wouldn't give your life for.. Then only trust them till they leave your sight!!!!

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