wus in yo wallet?

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    Figured it would be fun to make a thread of what fellow potheads(cidies, rolelrs, ect) keep up in there wallet...

    my list:

    1. Peice of news paper (to stash cid in)
    2. Movie tickets =p rolls
    3. money of course
    4. cards n shit
    5. pokie for resin a bowl

    wut chu got son? :cool:
  2. money
    debit card
    gift cards
    proof of insurance
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    My real ID
    My fake ID
    Hat club card
    Debit Card 1
    Debit Card 2
    Credit Card 1
    Visa Gift Card
    (4) Bandaids
    Few Receipts

    A few days ago I lost my contents of my wallet. I have since then refound them and now feel embarased. lol what
  4. -"backseat" driver's licence
    -real licence
    -school ID
    -ISIC card
    -social insurance card
    -BMO debit card
    -CIBC debit card
    -print/copy debit card
    -Air Miles card
    -Shoppers Optimum card
    -La Senza Prestige card
    -2 year old perscription for some meds
    -piece of paper with some weird phone message that I "transcribed" whilst faded
    -5 Euro
    -old highschool IDs
    -MAC gift card

    No money, I'm so broke...oh, except for the 5 Euro which I can exchange for approximately 7$ with, haha.
  5. I don't carry my wallet on me all the time, just my debit card, license, and cash. In my wallet I have (besides the debit, license and cash):

    Military ID
    School ID
    Gift Cards (CVS, Scheel's, JCPenny)
    AAA Card
  6. ... Dead animals
  7. a couple bucks
    credit card wired to my bank account
    drivers license
    some change
    gas card
    and thats about it
  8. ID
    gift cards
    piece of paper with phone numbers on it
    no money (pisses me off)
  9. Bank card
    My brothers old health card+ drivers liscence (he's 20, I'm 18)
    Index card with 3 dealers numbers on it
    Pack of Zig-Zags
    Gym card
    zig- zag with a dealers number written on it
    My Id
    5 precut filters (10mm by 50 mm)
  10. $310
    Pineapple Express ticket stub!
    drivers license
    debit card
    autoerotic asphyxia starter kit
    base ID
    old grimy sticky note with some passwords written on it
    $12 Canadian
    a bunch of receipts
  11. license
    debit card (with a negative balance ugh)
    insurance card
    a random phone number
    blockbuster card
    coke bag
  12. debit card
    bloomingdales card
    sephora card
    victorias secret card
    car insurance
    popeyes, arbys, coldstones coupons
    drivers license
    sister's drivers license
    lots of change
    some guy's number i got when i was in ny. his name is tristan....
  13. there aint shit in my wallet cause i dont have one anymore thanks to the police...but in my pocket where my wallet normally goes is my drivers license and 120 in cash
  14. Bank Stubs
    Pay Stubs
    Old nine inch nails tickets
    2 Dollars :D
    Some guys number (didnt have my cell)
    Pick of Destiny
    Bank Card
  15. 20 bucks
    debit card
    medical card
    fortunes from chinese restaurants
    various gift cards
    blockbuster card
  16. credit cards,
    random other cards,

    2 Sigur Ros tickets and 2 Radiohead tickets!!!!!
  17. $220 and some change from cashing my check last Friday (minus some from buying pills and some gas money)

    Clock-Out Slip From Work

    California Driver's License

    North Carolina Driver's License

    AAA Roadside Assistance Card

    S.S. Card

    Assorted Insurance Cards

    Pack-O-Zags (1.5)
  18. Money
    College card
    Rolling papers
  19. ID
    Visa card
    Student ID
    4 dollars
    Pinapple Express stub
  20. I don't think you should keep your Social Security Card in your wallet.

    Crying for identity theft. ;)

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