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  1. Had a question regarding my new Wulf Digital. I'm super new to the vaper world so plz be gentle....Anyway, how much do I grind my flowers? I know it's really a preference thing to many people but the Wulf instructions are a little vague. I'm asking cuz at the bottom of the "chamber" are several holes that seem to be large enough to allow ground herb to go into which I don't think would be by design.
    Also, the temps on the digital read-out seem to be on the low side. In other words, 250 degrees doesn't seem to produce anything other than the flavor of the herb as if I was hitting it with the power off. I'm up to 350 degrees and I get a decent toke but without any vape exhale.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Sweet yet another company that has released a re branded titan 2 vaporizer. Push the temps up higher than that if you want good vapor. Grind as fine as possible and add a screen to keep any crumbs from falling.

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