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  1. Alright, for my Wu fans out there, I was wondering which of the original 9 members was your personal favorite? I personally love them all but my favorites would have to be Inspectah Deck (sooo under rated), GZA and RZA.
  2. I often ponder this question in deep meditation. To which I still have no answer.
  3. The Method Man
  4. I cannot decide man. The Wu is too great as a whole for me to say I love one of them better than the rest, although I gave it alot of thought. I do love ODB though because he ain't got no fatha to his style that's why he's the ODB....R.I.P. But much love for all of the Wu-Tang.
  5. I've always found U-God to be a bit underrated. As for favorites, I don't think I really can just pick one...but GZA, Raekwon, and Inspectah Deck are all pretty sick IMO.
  6. Inspectah Deck, The Chef, and Masta Killa. dudes kill it everytime..
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    RZA & Inspectah Deck

    N.Y.C Everything, Mantis, The Grand Prix, Friction are my shyt

    But I've alwayz liked U-God more then my boyz, I remember hearin' Lay Down for my first time and I used to bump that shyt all the time along wit Rumble. He get'z sick on Winter Warz and The Grand Prix
  8. Its between raekwon and the ghostface. i love the built only 4 cuban linx andghost's Daytona 500.:smoking:
  9. ghostface killa!!

    then method man
  10. GZA!, Inspectah Deck then Ghosface then Raekwon...I think.

    I was going to say Inspectah Deck is generally under ated as well but he's getting a fair amount of love so far :), while I feel GZA should be getting more!
  11. I rep Wu Tang like its my business. All the cds they put out are pure gold. Every member puts out great records and their group albums are also amazing. I cant rank them but Inspectah, U God, GZA, and Rae are up there... there all up there though. On top of their skills, shadowboxin. If you guys haven't read WU Tang Manual you should, great read. WU FOREVER.
  12. meth, raekwon and gizza are so ill!
  13. Method Man, RZA, GZA, Ghostface
  14. mr. supreme clientel

  15. I'm gonna have to say GZA. His albums are still good to this day. Check out pro tools if you haven't heard his solo stuff yet.
  16. rebel eye and the genius are the two best rappers ever
  17. its between the ghost and meth
  18. I don't really have a fave, I just really fuckin like their dirty Staten Island swag and style. RZA made some real sick and unique beats off 36 Chambers that I can listen to over and over and not get sick of... I really think 36 Chambers is one of the greatest rap albums of all time. What's their next best album?? Forever?
  19. I really like Ghostface's solo joints, but on Wu-Tang tracks I like Meth Tical and GZA about on the same level. I wish meth had been more consistent on his solos he has the talent just made some weak albums. And yeah GZA could have done more...

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