Wts is falling from the sky

Discussion in 'General' started by AhTee, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. There is a shit ton of shit falling from the sky and it resembles strands of ash.

    And when you touch it, it breaks very easily.

    I live in the mid west and wtf.

    It is white and mindfuck
  2. forest fire?
  3. Sounds like a wildfire. We had that when the bobcat fire was burning up Texas
  4. Crazy enough to make sense

    but i think not
  5. Yeah, probably ashes blown by the wind. I'd get inside and find out the source, if it's possible to breathe it in.
  6. [​IMG]

    This stuff?

    It hit North Carolina yesterday! :D
  7. It just floats in the wind like Pollen and drags on the ground...when I smear it, it smears like ash does...

    It isnt snow :p, it's to nice out to be snow.
  8. God's Dandruff?
  9. It couldnt be like chem trail residue or anything right?
  10. I honestly know exactly what you are talking about!
    I live nowhere near you, but I bet it's ash. It just dances in the wind, and when you go to touch it it breaks apart and smears. Gotta be just ash. Tripped me out when I saw it at first too.
  11. catch as much of it on your tongue as possible and post results.

  12. No. Those arent real. :)
  13. Its gotta be ash...sounds exactly like what I'm talking about...
  14. I live next to a crazy smoke stack thing where they produce Molybdenum and sometimes the machines let off ash. I'll take a pic the next time I see some, but it seems the same. You'll be cool :wave:
    I'd call the township or something if people ain't allowed to burn in your area, or if it gets bothersome. Cheers!
  15. should be on your local news,if its a big deal...

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