WTM.COM Video Contest --VOTE NOW!--

Discussion in 'General' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hey too all the people who visit waytoomany....

    You can now vote for your favorite video ((weed & beer)) on the WTM forums.

    Voting is only open for like 2 days or so, be sure to vote.

    And if anyone here entered the contest... good luck
  2. I just watched some guy drink a 5th of vodka and 2 shots of absinithe straight up in like a minute an a half. I think hes got my vote, haha I wonder how trashed he got afterwards
  3. bump bump bump

    pretty sure today is the last day to vote.
  4. heh you have no interest in the vote, right DR? :rolleyes:
  5. well shit, you can vote for me if you want haha

    im just tryin to get more people to vote. only 64 people have voted... and it ends by tomorrow morning sometime
  6. Whoa, so i was looking all over the video page for a voting link, and I read it was in the forum... I didnt know there was a forum on WTM, thanks for making me discover this D.Rasta, my vote goes to you, because put together, all those different clips in your vids add up to more than any of the other vids.
  7. i cant figure out how tooooo

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