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  1. So, I'm sitting here on my laptop, facing the giant sliding door that looks out onto the street below.
    I start hearing that Pirate's song... the one that goes "yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..." followed by scraping, thumbing, and clinking. It keeps getting louder, so I get up to go see wth it is.
    I look out the window, and I see... a pirate!
    Well, kind of.
    Some guy in his late teens/early twenties is on a sort of scooter/dolly/skateboard contraption, with a folded up hunk of carpet and a case of beer. He's shirtless with a bandana holding his hair back, carrying a bottle in a brown bag (rum, perhaps?).
    There's not much room on his "rig", so he's like, hopping/skipping/thumping his way and trying to ride the thing down the street, singing that song the whole way.
    Lol, one of the weirdest things I've seen in awhile.
  2. hahaha great story, it definately made my day
  3. pirates> ninjas. pretty fucking cool.
  4. Lol thanks for the laugh :D
  5. I wish i had acid too.
  6. On my junior year of highschool i went into school on halloween dressed as a pirate and had a bottle filled with rum.
    I blacked out around, oooooh say 7th period out of 8. I'm still amazed I didn't get caught instantly lol :D
  7. There should be more people like him! :smoking:
  8. A proud day in Fort Collins history.
  9. Lol, in the scale of Fort Collins weirdness, I don't think it even would hit the charts.
    Tour de Fat:
  10. ^OMG i want one! :eek:
  11. Haha some pics would've nice
  12. I know, but I was too surprised by the pirate to grab my camera, and by the time I realized I should take a pic, he had already gone around the corner. :p:eek:

  13. hell no buddy.
    pirates raid other peoples' booty with their big wood ship.
    ninjas just kick ass
  14. hahahha sweet he must have been rockin out.
    i gave this hobo a dollar a while back except it was a gold dollar coin and he looked at me all skeptical and was like "hey. you some kine of pirate?"
  15. All that thing needs is a tv stand and it'd be perfect

  16. How much do you love the balls on the bottom of it?
  17. I think we should suggest to the producers of the show "Deadliest Warrior" that they should pit pirates against ninjas.

    Then we could settle this shit once and for all.

    At least until the Vikings show up.:D

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