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WTH is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HippieTrippyBudGirl, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I'm kinda new again to all this stuff, so I ask that you guys please be patient with me! I used to smoke in the late 70's on a very regular basis, and have smoked some here and there over the years, and am just now (tonight) starting to smoke again. First joint in awhile! Anyway, here is a pic of some stuff I just bought, I personally think I got screwed. It's almost brown and tastes like shit. Very strong. All in buds, but very flattened, fluffy after grinding though. It's been so long since I've smoked, I don't even know what good weed looks like. Anyway I smoked a joint. Now I'm either high as fu$k and just don't know it or it's some bad shit. I'm sitting here trying to figure out which it is! I guess that probably means I'm high. Just wondering what you all think? I guess I should have put this under the introduction part. LOL!

    I just want to say a special thanks to the moderators of this board; whomever they might be, for giving us such a neat place to come hang out when we're high and talk! :hello:
  2. Too high to post picture? :rolleyes: just kidding no such thing as too high
  3. LMAO! I must be high, I forgot to post the pic! I don't know how actually....anyway, the weed looks ugly.
  4. So uuhh....are you a cougar?

    Juusst kiddin, Welcome to GC! :hello:

    And you didnt upload any pics.
  5. LMAO! I know, Mason! That's what I was just thinking! Hahahaha! I actually went back and tried to do it but can't figure out how. Because I really want you guys to see it...I've never seen weed this brown before.
  6. Well, I actually am an ex cougar! hahahaha!
  7. Click go advanced > scroll down manage attachments > browse > upload.
  8. Is it a bad high? Like, feeling extra paranoid and such?
  9. Where do I find "go advance"?
  10. Smoke weed everyday.
  11. If its that bad.. don't smoke it.. and eat it :D.. or get danker weed perhaps?? oh well as long as your getting high I suppose it doesn't matter.. :)
  12. there is no pic :(

    you smoked shwag (bad weed), try to good (green/purple) weed,

    shwag gets you high, but it isn't as good as a high from nice weed

    keep toking bro, :)
  13. You seem stoned. From what you're describing the weed as its probably not dank, but at least you got high!
  14. An older woman toker?!? What's up? lol
  15. Right next to the button you clicked to post that.
  16. Below the quick reply window or where he said ^^^^^
  17. No, just a really mellow high....strange...i usually get paranoid when i smoke, but I'm on antidepressants and recently stopped a couiple of my meds and I'm bi polar so I don't know if I'm just really high with a different kind of buzz or if it was some bad shit! LOL! I'm confused...about how I feel....and I'm trying to analyze it! LOL! I think I'm just really know when you smoke for the first high you get....well, I haven't smoked in 4 months and that's how I feel if that makes any sense.
  18. it's probably mids... thats usually brown and flatter and taste bad as fuck lol. If you're high though then its all good.
  19. Hahahaha! Yeah, and older (49) year old stoner! I probably have kids all of your ages...hahahaha! I can be the mama of the message board! Hahaha!

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