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WTFook is up with this weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. So the other night I went to my dealers house and picked up a quarter of some

    glowing green middies for $50. It's all i've been smokin for the past month or two

    because for some reason Nugs are gettin hard to find round these parts. Anyways,

    this shit look str8 when i got it, nice color, smelled light pretty high mids.

    So i get home put some in the grinder and notice more than avg foliage, didn't think twice.

    packed a bowl and sparked it and low and behold my mouth fills up with vomit. This

    weed taste like some fookin donkey nuts. I'm like what in the hell! At first i was like

    "oh hell no he didn't just sell me some fookin Oregano!" But then i was like uhhh nahhh,

    can't be the shit definately looks like weed, smell like it, has seeds like it. . . . . just doesn't

    taste like it. In fact I was so pissed and desperate to get high i rolled a fatty 3 gram

    blunt and took it to the head. I'm high, but not :smoking: . In fact I'm sure that i

    would've been more stoned off of some downtown brown. I'm still baffled about it.

    I swear if i had pictures people would be like "Nice pickup man +rep" but in reality

    it's fookin gross. This will be the only time in my life i'll throw weed away. The taste

    is unbearable. Maybe this just was some shitty schwag but i'm no noob to smoking;

    this shit looks like good mids.

    Anyways, my dealer called me today and he's like "whatcha know bout dat green?"

    If he calls me it always means he got some new product. So i'm like "You got that

    New?" "yeah" he says. . .. ."i'll be there when i get off work". . . . .I can't fooking wait

    to get off and finally smoke MJ and get High. . . . . .

    Just thought i'd share that with yall......:smoke:
  2. you should kick your dealer in the balls.
  3. yeah i know right

    thankfully i save roaches. . . .don't like to smokem, just keep them for "just in case" Managed to smoke a couple to get a decent buzz.

    but my problem is when i get high, i like to be High, ya know what i mean>?

    I like to be lit
  4. Shitty Deal. I wouldnt buy from him again..I got some weed like that before, it was some very dank looking green with tons of crystals, but when i sparked the bowl, the weed literally SPARKEd ha, it was like crackling and sparking..i was like wtf! so i gave a joint to some Noobie stoner and he's like "This shit is SICK, ive never had weed that sparked!" i was like :eek: Your fuckin dumb kid.
  5. Man, that sucks. I would hate to get all pumped to smoke and then puke cause of some nasty weed. Hopefully this new stuff is really dank to make up for it, happy smoking
  6. Trust me if i could get nuggs right now i wouldn't be buying mids. Can't blame him really,

    I lost out on $50 he had six ounces of this in plain site, who knows how much he had hidden.

    he got rid of all that shit though, so theres gonna be alot of people with some shitty mids floatin round
  7. I c, well keep your senses when you pick up off him again..test it in front of him if you have too...
  8. I would fookin love to just find a whiteboy that sells Nugz. . . . . Oddly enough

    theres alot more 14-18 year olds that can get nugz. Well i guess it makes sense. . . .I

    can't remember a time in high school that i had trouble gettin nugz . . . . .except for

    the drought of 01 i think it twas.

    damnit, i need a youngster. . . . . . . .work and family life has consumed all my extra free time.

    I literally hang out with no one anymore. I don't really mind tho, cause it got me in

    alot of trouble(hangin out alot). Now that i have a son i've realized i can't have

    dumbass, irresponsible friends around. especially if i'm gonna continue to smoke and start growin next week.

    I actually amazed myself on how much i 'grew' once my son was born. I'm still young

    too, only 22. I tell you what though, Personally. . . .Having a kid is the greatest

    experience you will ever have. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me smile for hours.
  9. Thats a great father if ive ever seen one:hello: :wave: +r
  10. Haha, this cracked me up...idk why.

    +rep for the name, the funny, and cause Im high on life :smoke:
  11. Sounds like some REALLY quick dried weed. Maybe even premature.
    was it crispy at all?

    Meh, tell your guy that you don't care for weed like that and don't wish to buy that kind anymore. Not all dealers can get grade a shit all the time.

    good news that your getting some new.

    off subject but, br3ad, when u said sparked do you mean crackled or what? Because sometimes with certain chronic ill hit the bowl, barely spark the lighter to light it more, and it's like the spark from the lighter travels into the bud like a electricity. If that makes sense.

  12. Man that sucks. Same kinda thing happened to me one time where I was smoking what seemed to be some high mids and after 3 grams between my friend and I neither of us were feeling much of anything. Didn't throw up though thankfully.
  13. same shit happened to a chick i know.

    we smoked it and it tasted and smelled like perfume.

    it was nasty shit.
  14. Next time you pick up shit from him, tell him of the last weed deal and ask him to spark up with him the stuff he just sold you. If its bad, tell him tor econsider where he gets his weed from. If its good, then happy toking to us all and farewell to that shit of a smoking experience.
  15. The only weed that i had that looked like good shit and tasted like ass-crack was some dealer came around with that fake hightimes shit and sold it to people. It looked great, smelled good and made 3 of my freinds vomit and i took half a hit and dry heaved. Shortly afterward we ended up kickin that kid in the balls
  16. prolly outdoor...
  17. sounds like somebody pissed on your smoke or something. I don't know.
  18. Yea, I think thats the way to go. Sometimes you gotta tell em the way it is too. I woulda took that shit back to his ass after the 1st vomit session. :poke:
  19. Heh shitty situation, i guess it happens though.

    One time i bought an OZ for $30 (it was shake) and i looked at it, and looked at him, and said... oh.. thats why its 30? haha. Well, i walked home ((this was when i lived down the street from my dealer)) and sparked a bowl, and WOW! i didnt trow up, but it tasted like complete ass crack. That was the only hit i took of the weed, and sold the rest of the OZ @ $5 a 8th and was hookin up the 8ths so they weighed 5 grams each.

    I wouldnt ask to smoke first unless you are getting some DANK and will have to pay a high price, then i would, just because if you are buying a quad or half for HUNDRED(s) of dollars, you wanna know you are gettin the right shit.

    Hopefully your guy doesnt come across it again.

    Shit, ask if he will hook you up for the poopy weed

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