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  1. I just stepped on a nail in my backyard and had to pull it out of my foot. It was literally an inch in, and was the worst I've ever felt. Plus I was walking with Fuze (the drink) in my hand, so when I stepped on it I freaked out and dropped the Fuze and spilled it on my shirt... I just walked to the local store to get it :( I was having a great day too. Oh and I don't even know if I got my tetanus shot :eek:

    Doesn't it suck when you have good days and just one little piece of metal ruins it?
  2. masturbation brings great release
  3. Tetanus shots are good for 10 years.

    What kind of fuze was it?

    Don't you dare say banana colada.
  4. Better go to the doctor and get that shit checked out asap. Don't want to be messing around with that nail wounds, never know.
  5. Orange Mango :smoking:
  6. I may if symptoms arise but I'm hopeful for now. Plus I just smoked and I feel a lot better to say the least:bongin:
  7. Phew. Everything is okay. :hello:

    If it was banana colada I would despise you. I'll drink the last drop of that stuff and I NEVER drink the bottom of any beverage. (Fuze BC is the only exception)

    Anyways, were you walking barefoot or did it go through your shoe?
  8. It went through my shoe. Oh, and I've never had banana colada :hide:
  9. Ouch. I stepped on a nail barefoot once, but it didn't even penetrate my skin. :confused:
    and you need to try banana colada immediately. Your taste buds will jizz themselves uncontrollably.

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