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  1. i do not believe in any god, especially the biblical god, yet somehow i find my self watching one of those tv church worship shows, and i didnt even realize what i was doing but i was actually watching and listening to it haha

    what does this mean
  2. it means you need to find a show to watch
  3. It means you had the channel on a church worship show and didn't realize it? :confused_2:
  4. no, i knew what i was watching, but the thought that i was not a theist didnt even cross my mind.
  5. But, you said you didn't realize what you were doing.

    An atheist can learn from a theist, just as a theist can learn from an atheist.
  6. Even if you don't believe in any gods you can still appreciate the message being conveyed.
  7. I know what you mean. One time I watched a gay porno and I'm not even gay. Afterward I was like wtf

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