Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, May 4, 2006.

  1. So i sleep in class cause i work late and they think im on drugs and try to send me to the nurse .. stupid fuckin teachers

    and damn me for sleepin the way i did.. i was sleepin on hands somehow idk how and my fingers were bent pack with alot of pressuer and now they are KILLLLLLLING me hah
  2. Yeah dude, fuck the teachers. No, j/k all of mine are cool. But did they really send you to the nurse because they thought you were high? WTF indeed. You are missing out on a education.
  3. Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone!!!
  4. well my TEACHER is cool its the dumb ass assistant she has in her room thats the dumb bitch.. ima bakhand her.. and ya they tried to cause the tthink im high .. they do it for every kid its so lame .. i was just like nah im just tired i think ill stay right here and put my head back down and she jsut shutup..

  5. No hes not cuz he would be sleeping anyway, but hey thats what i'd do :D
    And at my HS I was expected to be stoned all the time just cuz I hung out with stoners.

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