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  1. k i been growing mine for about a week and a half and they get about 3 inches tall maybe samller and they get their 2 "leafs" when they first split out of their seed shell. well when i started to see actual leafs they grew ok then 2 more started to come but now the things that "bloomed"up first are withering and it looks like the actual leafs are too. btw the actual leafs are small still. wats the problem. i keep them on 24/7 lighint wit jus flourescent, but i live wit my parents still so i cant do much can someone help
  2. hard to say exactly what it happening without more details, (soil, watering schedule, humidity, etc.) but those first two leaves i.e. Cotyledons, will fall off eventually regardless.
  3. k well thats good to kno so know i can expect that but i pulled it up of its place and the roots were yellow and the stem looked black like it was drying out. but i do water it enough i wter it every morning if the soil looks dry
  4. Yes. and when they do cruble and fall off it is a good sign that soon it will be time to fertilize. Give us more details.
  5. sounds like you over-watered and you developed some rot.
  6. Yeah. Only water when (1) the soil is dry an inch or more deep or (2) when you lift the pot up and it feels light to the touch.

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