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  1. So I took a look at my leaves and people hav been telling me it's over watered but I know it's not.. For some reason the leaves are white but the rest are green. I'm think it's to much of a photosynthesis energy waste trying to bring them back to live.. And my stems turning purple whats some thing I can do?!
  2. YeAh take a look please

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  3. I transplanted it today into better soil.. I'm wondering if I should cut those leaves off in a week or so because it's already shocked
  4. nutes and sun may help . that soil looks like tree bark . maybe low ph in that soil .
  5. Those are old pics from morning. I'm using a 55 watt cfl light and 2 26 Cfls also. I'm also using flora nova nutrients numbers (7-4-10). It's now in foxfarm soil. Not organic nutrients that look like tree bark. It's not giving off so bright of purple stem anymore
  6. I had purple stems. Stunted for sure. Once I started using pH up and some nutes, all new growth was green and healthy. Its doubled in size once I got the pH stable. I was at 4.2 and now at 6.5. Test your soil.
  7. Over watered and pH balance looks like the issue, do a run-off pH test and move plants into the sun for a week. Also you do not need to give your plants nutrients so soon. You may own them if introduced at too high of a concentrate. The nutrients in the soil is enough to sustain it until the plant gets larger.
  8. The leaves are standing up.. Anyone tell me why?! Could this be from the transplant or water?!

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  9. Could be Mg deficiency or too hot, there are a lot of reasons that can cause this. Anyone have a answer for drastic leaves pointing straight up?
  10. Yeah I just think it's stress. I'm trying to get my setup finished so I can put my widow Ryder in but ita stallin with my fans
  11. Just got some free nutes!!!

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