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  1. :confused: so my girl and i just bought 2 grams of grandaddy purp a few days ago which is about half done...she also just made us this profile right here a few days ago...then this morning she tells me that she wants the both of us to stop smoking...keep in mind that we have been smokin together longer than we have been together...which is about 3 thinkin i should be supportive so i tell her sure ok lets stop smokin...i know i can do it if she will really do it with me...but i aint gonna lie, smokin every single day for 3 years then stopping cold turkey is gonna be a lil challenge for me...anyone have similar experiences?? or any open and honest u think we can do it???
  2. your relationship will never be the same :)
  3. I dated a guy for a long time that was an athlete. He never did anything. He didn't even use aspirin. He said he didn't mind that I got high and he love fucking me like that but eventually it wore on bit of us. It wasn't the main reason for our break up, just one of the many contributors.
    Why does she want you guys to quit?
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    this makes no sense, have you heard of proof reading?

    tell us why she wants you to quite so someone can give you beneficial advice. and i have no idea if you would be able to quit since i have no idea who you are, but the answer is probably yes.
  5. my girlfriend got sent to a wilderness camp a while back and came back telling me i needed to quit smoking... i never did, neither did she.
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    What? I could understand it.
  7. Wilderness camp? I thought they got rid of the gulags...
  8. The first rule of potsmoking
    don't stop smoking pot
    the second rule?
    don't stop smoking pot for a female

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