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  1. What the fuck is the "I like it...." thing going on with everyones status on facebook??:confused:
  2. whaa....??

    dude its happening to you too??? WHAT THE FUCK

    EDIT: Ninja'd the dude below me :D
  3. Where they like to put their purses/handbags. Some breast cancer awareness thing I guess
  4. Dont know what you are talking about
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    Explains a lot, actually.

    I figured it was some clever, albeit trivial, 'awareness' nonsense that truly does nothing to assuage the actual sufferers of the illness.

    Facebook is notorious for that.
  6. Yeah, it makes no sense. Why not set your pictures as the ribbon instead of talking about where you like your purse?
  7. I like it in my bowl.
  8. heres how you fix the problem: fuck facebook.

  9. This man LIES! LIES!!!!!

    I like it on the floor :eek:
  10. We know you do...and many other places too :D:p
  11. I like it on a dead hooker so I can take back my money.

  12. Good man good man
  13. haha i actually posted on my facebook yesturday. " All these girls like it in their beds, lets be real here"
  14. I thought I was the only one dealing with this News Feed plague! :eek:

    This is sjut an excuse for underage sluts to admit where they had "their best". :D
  15. I was wondering the same thing now I know its nothing important :(
  16. reading the OP, it confused me and i couldnt figure out what the fuck it was about. looking for the replies i had hoped they wouldn provide for me osme insight as to what the fuck it was about. but no. it made things worse. now i am. EXTREMELY. confused about what the fuck it was about. like 4 things man
  17. Donating as little as 25 cents to the Breast Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen Fund would do more good, I'm thinking.

    (Rant rant rant)
  18. I like it in my closet with my wig and prostitute skin.
  19. I have about $1.40 in yogurt lids waiting to be sent in so I guess I'm doing more to save the boobs than they are.
  20. its like last year when all the girls were calling out colors of bras. this year its where they put their purse after they get home.

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