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  1. is salvia? is it weed? is it better than weed? some kid says it makes u feel like ur floating. im confused haha
  2. Wikipedia/Erowid much?
  3. Salvia makes you hallucinate hardcore. It can't really be compared to weed.
    Lets just say that it was the herb that the shamans used to smoke to take spiritual journeys.
    Its not something to mess with. NEVER do it alone, I made that mistake once, I thought the universe had ended and I lost all perception of ego. It was very scary, I thought I was going to spend eternity trapped in this weird purgatory place.
  4. knows all
  5. its like weed only cuz you smoke it but besides that its a crazy psychadelic that lasts like 15 minutes
  6. If you actually trip off it ( a lot of people never really expirience then full effect) it can be best described as a shroom or acid trip condenseced into 15 minutes. Right from the get go (T:30s) you start to lose your ties to reality and start tripping face. - Best reference for ANY drug related question
  7. Yea, right when I exhale that first hit Im gone haha
  8. Try it.

    Thats my advice.

    It won't hurt you. (Have a siiter at least)

    Have fun.
  9. Ahh Salvia is legal in Canada but not weed! Ouff...

    Salvia is hardcore man, and it hits really fast. Where I live there's a shop where you can buy different potencies, goes from nothing to "Rape your mind with 70s colored circles of happiness" Y'know what I mean :smoke:

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    Sally is as different from weed as you can get. It's like an insane step-sister that does everything opposite. Unlike weed, Salvia has a reverse tolerance. Unlike weed, the plant gets more potent when you abuse it and don't take care of it.

    If you want to visit a different random Universe for a few minutes, try it.

    I believe Salvia works on the dream area of the brain because it's similar to a dream in these aspects-

    Each trip is very different and could range from mind-rape to one of the greatest moments of your life(I heard this but haven't had one that profound yet). You simply don't know which universe you will visit. Just like each dream is different.

    You believe what you see. Just like you don't question what you see in a dream. This can be stressful if you end up in a nightmare. I only had 1 legitimately bad trip and it wasn't THAT bad.

    One of my favorite trips was going fishing for sharks in my living room. I was pulling sharks out of the 'water' where my floor used to be. It felt like a normal day fishing until I asked my friend if he 'caught any big ones' and he looked at me all crazy. Sometimes a shark would jump out and I'd have to dodge it. I fed my phone to one when it started ringing and I didn't want to answer.

    My only advice is to start off small and get a good brand like purple sticky. Their 40x makes me trip with a tiny pinch. I have to use a screen since it's smaller than the hole.
  11. Go to youtube and check out people smoking it...then make the smart choice of leaving that crap alone. IMO Much Love.
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    Because they smoke whole bowls of it on a dare. That will destroy you. It's like videos of people chugging bottles of whiskey, puking and falling over. You're not supposed to do that.

    Those retards are why Sally is being made illegal. Idiots doing drugs irresponsibly makes them illegal. Of course all that happens to alcohol companies is that tiny "drink responsibly" disclaimer. Even though 1 out of 30 deaths in this country are caused by alcohol.

    You only need a tiny pinch and you don't know what you're missing. Read my last post.

  13. Just what I was going to say.
  14. Try it once, try it twice. Oh yeaaaaa.

    Better to have someone around tho. Check youtube for some bad trips...scary for sure.
  15. thanks guyz!!!! i hopw to try it one day!!! :)

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