wtf ????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gonandunit, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. topped a few feminized euforia last week, upon checking tonite i found out they have started to flower but im still on 18/6. WTF is going on. :confused:
  2. What do you mean starting to floweer? Are you sure they are not showing pre flowers? They sound about that age.
  3. flowering or showing sex? be specific
  4. nope, there little white hairs allmost s**t my pants when i saw it.

    euforia isint an auto flower strain is it?
  5. showing sex sorry,
  6. hey you guys[​IMG]
    you still there
  7. this is what it looks like[​IMG]
  8. Pre flowers you're good.
  9. i thought pre flowers only came out after the lights got switched to 12/12?
  10. nope mine come out under 24/0
  11. man ive got a friend that has this super early budding alaskan variety that will bud out damn decent buds under 24 hrs of floro. light. that not what he does of course but if a mother gets too old it buds out.:metal:if i didnt see it a bunch of times with my own eyes i would find it hard to belive but its true:smoking:
  12. oh ok. its true you learn something new everyday;).
  13. shes only 5wks old lol

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