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  1. Week two into the flowering of my SCROG, and now the leaves are doing this...any advice???

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  2. if that leave came off the lower part of the plant or you cut off veg first when first entering flowering you gotr your self a nitrogen deficiency;cannabis still need nitrogen in flowering; just not as much as in veg. Give it some nitrogen every time you feed and you should be good; but you are going to need to give it a normal dose just this time to help catch up the reserves of nitrogen in the plant.
  3. I agree its a nitrogen def, however, if your doing a scrog I feel your advanced enough that youve been feeding this plant yeah?

    then I ask myself why is it deficient after only 2 weeks into flower...

    To rule out PH related issues complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...test the PH of this water....
    If the PH reading is out of optimum range 6.5-6.8 PH, you need to flush your plant.
    Flush with PH corrected water, till in optimum PH range, 3 times the volume of the pots rule of thumb but may require more
    EG: 1 gal pot = 3 gal. flush

    post the runoff PH please
  4. Thanks...I will try what you suggest, and will post the results...along w/some pics of my girls.

    BTW...I fed them some nitrogen earlier today, based on some info from you guys in another thread. Thanks for your help, from those of us still learning.
  5. well thats what we are here for :D

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