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    Been growing awhile now, but always with 1000w MH and HPS and had great yields and healthy plants. Just would appreciate some input on this White Widow grow. Sorry no pics.

    So i have a power issue living in an RV so I decided to grow with CFL. My grow area is 2x4x6. Fresh air intake fan and exhast fans out with oscillating fan blowing across the canopy. Using 2 125W 6500 cfl with reflectors from hydrofarm. Temp 76-83 and himidity 25-30.

    I have nine plants under lights in 2 gallon pots. I know that this is way to many plants, but was looking to have 4 ladys come around and trash the daddys. I just started putting one outdoors so each four plants are under a 125W light.The lights are about 4" from tops.

    Feeding Ecogro nutes and Fossil Fuel and some Superthrive. Water only when soil dries and pots are light and ph is around 6.8 and striving for 6.5. Started with 1/2 nutes and just gave a full dose three days ago and their not showing any signs either way. I was getting some lower yellowing of leaves is why I raised the nutes. Overall they look reasonably healthy.
    Problem is the plants don't seem to be jumping out and saying hello....Started from seeds 4 weeks ago.

    Most plants are 6" tall with one freak(prob a male) that is about 9"+ tall, leaves seem smaller than norm and are green but not quite as green as I would preffer. Lots of new growth, but the further away the slower the growth.
    I wanted to start flowering when plants reached 12-16", but at this rate will be by Christmas.
    After sexing I only want about 4 plants for the lighting I have, but am considering putting some outdoors to help those under lights.
    Any advice about the way I'm growing with CFL, or to improve the process would be a great help....

    Anxious to get:smoke: in Arizona!!!
  2. no one can really tell untill u add some pictures
  3. Couldn't have explained it better with pics....LOL.. Not a health problem where pics are a must, but more related to cfl lighting issues.
  4. k dont be mad when u dont get an answer

    and if you know its a cfl issue why ask, there are two options for you, get more lights, or take away lights, cfl's are the most basic ways to grow idk what ur looking for.

  5. Your right it is a lighting problem. Guess I just had to see this in writting to answer my own question. I was hoping somwone that has grown with cfl would confirm how many plants is best for two 125 watters and maybe a suggestion or two.
    Guess I new from the start so I took four outside to get bathed by mother nature while the taller plants have the light lowered to 2" above canopy and getting more even light.
    Sometimes trial and error works best, but not always......Thanks for the input:)
  6. 150w for 1 plant...50w or more for each additional plant.

  7. Thanks man :cool:.....I moved half the smaller plants outdoors during the day and this should be a major improvement. Rather than invest in more cfl's I think I will try to find a 250, or 400 watt hid air cooled. I can use the cfl's for mother plants and clones and use a grow tent. I like the cfl's for economy, but the hid intensity is boss......Just got carried away with to many plants, not enough space and wanting at least half ladys. Next time will be better...:)
  8. HID and fluoros produce similar results at similar wattages. Lumens are lies.
  9. lol i grow with cfls year round i might just be an expert on them, woulda been simpler to just ask how much watts per plant, which u want about 100 actual per plant. if u have anymore questions on cfl's or growing just ask
  10. practicing your stand up routine are you? :rolleyes:

  11. Nope. You just don't have a proper collection of facts, so you buy into all the myths about HID lights. Don't tell me, they "penetrate more", because they have magic photons, right?

    Or it's the lumens, then? The rating given from a scale heavily weighted to the relative sensitivity of the human eye to lights of different wavelengths? Well, turns out that graph is about the complete inverse of PAR, which is what actually matters. Surprise: eyes and chlorophyll are different. Who'd have thunk it?
  12. Keep on practicing. Its funny, just not yet haha funny. But you'll get there.
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    Ok, stick with stupidity. I'll take facts any day.

    edit: I mean, seriously, you think 80+ year old technology made for maximum human visibility just happens to be the best light for growing plants? Are you that dense?

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