wtf where did he come from

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. trikky.... i have never seen a single post from this guy, and he's a moderator?

    where the hell have i been
  2. i think im with ya.
    can't recall that name,
  3. noddin off???
    ive seen his posts, seems like a stand up guy
  4. he's not one of us general-ers
  5. ooohthat would explain it

    i dont fuck with any sections other than general and pandora's, occasionally SnP

    *irritated sigh*, again with the dope remarks

    i hardly nod off man, i gotta do a good bit of dope to get the nods, considering i dont even stay high

  6. ahhh, yes. general has deffinitely become my home, with occasional visits to the box, and rarer visits to recreational, seasoned and stuff like philosophy, etc. general is where its at! always somethin to talk about
  7. i think at this point just ignore it. people seem to enjoy that it irritates you
  8. You know if you'd have ignored it, it wouldn't have even been an issue...
  9. i aint tryin to make it an issue, its not like to many things irritate me, but the months of dope comments just annoy me thats all

    just wanted to clarify that i'm not your stereotype dope fiend who shoots up and then becomes a half conscious vegetable, if any of you guys ever met me 10 minutes after i shotup, u'd swear i was bone sober
  10. i was fawkin around dude
  11. yea i know man, thats why i aint pissed or anything, its more like did someone ever say somethin to you, n u just closed your eyes n shook your head real quick with the facepalm style sigh, but then just continued on after ur brief irritable moment

    kinda like that
  12. You did.

    Quit dope for real.

    OK we get it, you're real normal.
  13. More importantly, who is the Sam_Spade guy?

    Talk about king of the pricks. What a total douche bag.
  14. He spends most of his time in Rec. Hes a pretty cool dude. I have to agree with others, I only stick to general and pandoras box. I used to post in rec but the amount of immaturity in there is insane. /Pass
  15. qft...
  16. LOL, a whole thread on me???? Just kidding.

    I've been around for almost 2 years. I'm a big glasshead, that's why I stick around rec use a lot. I venture over into General. And I've got a few pictures in the "Dare you post your pic?" thread.

    But yes, I generally hang there.
  17. lol I've noticed you've been cleanin the place up pretty good! Moving posts and deleting useless ones, its pretty smooth :cool:
  18. You know, I get just as frustrated as everyone who hangs in General about all the bullshit in Rec Use. You have no idea. I haven't given up hope yet, though. Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it.
  19. you cant give up hope now, now youre in the position to be ABLE to clean so clean away.:wave:

  20. exactly,,,,^^^^^ ,,,,, and neg. ithought the same thing at first,,,,,but we are general,, blades,,,,

    dude just posted elsewhere,, where we dont go,,

    R.M.J.L. stated that with the addition of new forums,,,,will be a addition of moderators,,,

    trikky is a goofy lookin dude,,,and smokes out of some weird shit,,,,and hikes a lot,,,,, j/k/,,,,, but hey im down with him being a mod.

    sure aint going to be me or you,,,,so ride with it slim,,,:cool:
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