WTF? what is MTV trying to tell us in these commercials?

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  1. [ame=]MTV Think Martial Law Commercials - National Defense Authorization Act (S. 1867) - YouTube[/ame]

    kinda creepy if u ask me..
  2. spreading awareness of the consequences of a police state that this country could turn into if we don't handle liberty correctly
  3. Why are you watching MTV?
  4. MTV is controlled by the people who want to take away our its weird that they would throw this on there and take it down a couple days later. These commercials didnt air for long at all. They definitely are telling us it will happen..with the DHS recent purchase and stockpiling of ammo and fema camps and coffins being built everywhere, bills being passed that grants martial law, drones patrolling US skies now, it seems like we are getting closer and closer.
  5. I wouldn't expect this from mtv
  6. crazy isnt it.

  7. haha good one!

  8. Drones? back in the bunker for me. :hide: :bolt:
  9. Whattttt? O.O
  10. But still no music...
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    More music please. Check my thread in pandoras box too see what i have to say on the actual vid.

    cuz whats sed in d box s5ays in d box

    jk it disapeared. But F your Fin video more music please
  12. key words you guys are missing.

    'the holocaust happened to people like us'

    pay more attention.
  13. Spreading awareness of the holocaust.
  14. Seems a bit drastic

  15. If they had the internet it totally wouldnt have happened


    "apparently hitler is comin and swooping up all the people in jewish neighborhoods and otherwise, get the fuck out of europe"

    but they also didnt have drones and shit on their side, incase they did have the internet.... because i mean, you can run and hide all day... you cant out run and out hide FLIR drones or the missiles they may be shooting at you
  16. First time i can say i respect MTV a lil bit in like 10years lol
  17. Strange they'd show this, because I'm sure the head honchos at MTV would fight martial law tooth and nail :laughing:

    It's always the holocaust!
  18. Also an executive order was passed so any president can shut down all communication in case of an emergency.

    Idk if you remeber they did a test where they shut down all US radio for a minute

    Anyways we are fucked when they come for us even with all the guns citizens have, they still have better weapons of all types. Our only hope is that the military guys dont follow orders blindly...

    Then again the nazis did it to the jews. It can happen to "people like us"
  19. Damn with the drones my escape to south america wouldn't even work in my personal plane, guess ima have to hoof it
  20. People have been saying shit like this for as long as I can remember they said it the first time Obama was elected and all troughout the bush years and even into the Clinton era here's something saying Clinton would do it back in 1999 Clinton and and I'm sure it's happened before that

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