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wtf was that! and im not even high

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mint_Z, May 26, 2009.

  1. I was just downstairs in my kitchen, as im making my way up i got really, really uncomfortable then scared! I ignored turning off the lights and walked a little faster up the stairs and out of fucking nowhere i heard the door slam (from the kitchen to the basement) i ran up the rest of the stairs and ran into my parents room and tolled them about it, they tolled me that an aunt of mine is passing away and to ignore it maybe its something maybe it nothing! and blew it off.

    now im 24 pretty large and an atheist so i dont believe in this shit! but right now im not sure what to think, please dont mock me damn my dog is barking up a storm now please share thoughts, opinions whatever
  2. Your a pussy. Im the same exact way. I dont know what to believe but that stuff spooks the fuck out of me. I usually realize that it was something reasonable and nothing at all.
  3. What have I tolled you about ghosts.. :rolleyes:
  4. well i took some benedryl and went to sleep and now im going tyo ignore it scared the fuck out of me
  5. Tolled you so.........
  6. welcome to a larger world.
    your fear is just outta the unfamiliarity.

    preconceptions, "belief", blinds us.

    ... or maybe it's just something easily explainable, and fits back in with the same ol' mundane flat understanding.... (take the blue pill)
    :D :p :D
  7. you dont know what it was, so you are afraid. being afraid of the unknown is human, its natural. but it is not necessarily rational?
  8. i uderstand where your coming from but this is the first time ive experience something like that before all im saying is you would have put some speed in our step 2
  9. Are you an atheist in the traditional sense? This situation made you question your beliefs? That's a good indication of an open mind. :)

    I believe in 'spirits', I'll leave it at that for now. What you experienced may have been just that, while it may have been nothing at all.
  10. yes it made me tinker with the thougth of after life but i wont ackownledge or give a name to a creator based on religion. il look into it if it happens again, but i wont forget that feeling of unsteadyness like nothing, nothing ive felt b4
  11. Theology aside- Can you acknowledge the possibility of other-dimensional beings? Could these other-Worldly beings be the very same spirits many claim to experience on our plane (or to be even bolder- the very same spirits mentioned in 'religion')?

    It was only 500 years ago we discovered Earth was not the center of the universe, imagine what we'll know in another 500. I hope many of the questions we have now will be answered by then. Some, however, will never be answered in this existence.
  12. considerning that i went down there and cant explain it ill ackownledge that it may have been but i need something just a tap more concrete before i go and pursue this any further
  13. If you want to experience the supernatural, go to a third-world country. The Caribbean islands, or Africa. Deep spiritual roots in the land and culture (voodoo, animism, witchcraft, etc.) Spiritual energy is almost tangible. I have had several spiritual experiences in Africa (on and off drugs :p).
  14. really awesome i intend on going to the andes when the summer ends
  15. Sweet. Can you say Ayahuasca... ;)
  16. i havent heard of it but im gessing its gonna make me trip balls and if so how hard?
  17. Erowid Ayahuasca Vault

    Lots of balls. Be careful.
  18. damn... its a possible can it do permanetn damage or od? that sounds insane, i have just the thing to watch while doing it 2
  19. "There are few, if any, serious injuries or deaths associated with ayahuasca use, but it is quite possible to hurt oneself with it. Because one of the major components of Ayahuasca is an MAOI, which acts to inhibit a key enzyme in your body responsible for processes in the brain and throughout the body, it is possible to have severe negative reactions to Ayahuasca. Take care to find out about MAOI interactions with prescription medications and with certain foods before attempting any use.

    When an MAOI is combined with a wide array of over the counter, prescription, or black market drugs, the results can be very unpleasant or fatal. There are many pages on the net devoted to discussions of foods and drugs which are contraindicated with any MAOI use.

    Also, as with any intense psychedelic, ayahuasca can precipitate short or long term changes in personality or catalyze psychotic or neurotic episodes."

    Learn your shit before you go downing some ayahuasca brew tho mate. You'll most likely be puking your guts out half the time..
  20. will do bro and thanx im going to bed peace it 4 30 in the morning

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