WTF Walmart

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JahRastaJasmine, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I bought some fuckin crab cakes from walmart today. I had my got damn heart
    set on those crab cakes. When I open the box them shits got mold all the fuck
    over them. Not to mention the fact that I needed some aspargus to go with my
    salmon and the fuckin asparagus was old.

    This why I only go to HEB, because walmart fucking sucks dick in a fuckin cunt
    with bukkake wiped all over it. I mean what in fuck is wrong with you, why is everything all fuckin old, not to mention over priced. HEB keeps fuckin fresh food
    why can't you.

    Hell will be raised tomorrow!!!!! Hell!!!!

    PS. Sorry For My Language
  2. moral of the story: don't buy food at walmart...
  3. This I know :devious:
  4. I'm sure you could take it back complain and walmart would not only take it back...they would probly throw fucking crab cakes and asparagus at you all day long cuz thats not shit to them :cool:

    raise and grow your own shit..kill it/

    sucks that happend though
  5. I'm in Texas, you can't grow shit out here right now. Too hot + Water Restrictions
  6. wtf are you doing?! Go back there and throw at their face. lol
  7. yea walmart is useless..
    causes smaller private owned businesses to shut down..

    I BEG YOU,
  8. seafood not in a seafood specialty store is no bueno.espec premium shit like crabs.
    even tho im sure walmart version is mostly filler.

    mold on food just bought.. EWWWWWW
    good luck on your food occasion.
  9. Fuck Gay mart
  10. Walmart you's gonna know me, you's gonna know Jasmine reall good.
  11. Lost me at bought crab cakes at wal-mart......where im from, that would get you shot

  12. haha while new york city is losing its culture every goddamn minute we still didnt give in to walmart!!!!!:cool:

    dont worry it will hit us soon:eek:

    and to the person i quoted-walmart isnt useless because theres ton loads of ppl who love the ease of.. WALMART!!! lol

    now what they do behind close doors is 'morally good'---doubt it
    but as a big company in a capitalist world they are close or at the top.
  13. My heart hurts cause I just wanted some crab cakes.....
  14. fuck walmart. fuck all the big companies. especially banks and credit card companies.
  15. Its funny becuase they try so hard to prevent something like this. Yet it happens once and 5000 poeple now know about at and all agree they dont want to buy food at walmart anymore becuase of this post.

    Damn... we should bring walkmart down! :hello::devious:
  16. crab + cake =:hide:

  17. you best bet is to get some shipped from well spent

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