WTF Wall Paper?

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  1. So while prepping my box, I realized that it was wall papered. I stupidly decided to pull some off. Well after a while, I realized it was futile and that I wouldnt be able to pull it all off. Now with there being loose pieces along the inside now,. Im having issues getting rid of the stragglers, even with tweezers its getting difficult to remove it all.

    Anyone know a good way to "clean" up these pieces or should I just go ahead and paint over it and let the paint seal it off and not worry about the loose bits?
  2. You probably don't have to worry about it unless it gets wet. I would suggest getting a heat gun and heating and scraping or using a hair drier on high heat and scraping. It will heat up the glue and make it easier to scrape off.


  3. damn, do ya think a blow dryer would work? lol
  4. Heat gun, flat blade putty knife, or just hang mylar over it.
  5. I was actually thinking of just doing mylar, then the more I read here, Its a love hate relationship. Perfect for growing, pain in the ass to put up, keep up and work around.
    then I thought about doing an emergency blankets due to costs and the fact I have a few already. But again I hear its too thin etc.. Yet EVERYONE agrees White paint is best if not going with Mylar.

    Its almost an overload of info and options which makes it more difficult to decide what to do! lol
  6. Mylar isn't that bad to deal with, once you get the hang of it. Speaking of "hanging", it works well to use self-stick velcro patches on the wall and back of the mylar, that way you can keep re-adjusting until you get a mirror-smooth finish.

    Another option is panda film, it's bright white on one side and black on the other, easy to hang.
  7. For a cheap way. Fabric softener and hot water in a spray bottle and a putty knife.

    For an even cheaper way. Hot water in a spray bottle and a putty knife.

    Happy scraping. :)

    You have to get the wallpaper off. I'd scrape it all off and then prime/seal, then put down your paint. It's a cheap any easy fix. Might as well do it properly. Scraping wallpaper is just a pain in the ass though.
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    Ya I def hear that.

    When I started this, there was two boards (one on each end) used to hold up an upper shelf.
    Well in order to convert the box, I had to pop off the boards.

    At first when I was looking at this, I figured it was a sprayed confetti added for decoration. You know, something easy enough to paint over. Then when I popped the boards off, it started pulling and tada! Wall Paper.

    I'll def try the Fabric softener and hot water in a spray bottle, cause Id rather not go out and buy a heat gun just to pull all this off.

    My only worry is with using water is that it's going to soak the wood underneath and I really dont want to risk warping the box or allow for any mold to find a nice wet place to call home.

    The Box is make of Air craft aluminum on the outside with leather handles covering a wooden shell to form the box.
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    I understand the worries. Spray it in, allow it to soak in the paper for 5-10mins and it should start to come off fairly cleanly with a moderate amount of work. Wipe the wood down with a cleaner and wipe dry after you finish. Shouldn't have any warping or worries or mold.
  10. Water and vinegar in a spray bottle and a putty knife or a 4" razor blade. Thats how the old timers used to do it, now we use steamers to remove it.
  11. Thank you all!

    I actually found someone with a heat gun and going to see if I can snag it.

    Best part was when asked...
    Why do you need it?
    Well you see, I dont like the wall paper in my footlocker, so I want to strip it and put up some hello kitty wall paper.


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