wtf?? this forum is hard to use

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Deek12, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. I cannot find where I can see all my posts that i've posted... so i can see who's responding and stuff. Where is it!!?? (man i'm stoned.)
  2. Click on your name, then click "find more posts by Deek12:smoke:
  3. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THANKS! That is so ass backwards, but i LIKEY.
  4. Whaaaat?

    Have you seen some of the other forums on the internet?! :laughing:

    Anyway, cowboysaxman is right. :p

    You can also go to your User CP > Edit Options > Default Thread Subscription Mode and change it to "No Email Notification" (or yes email notification if you're into that ;)) and it will automatically "subscribe" you to threads that you post in.
    That will allow you to just click on your User CP and see if there have been any new replies to threads you are subscribed to. :D
  5. OK first of all... that is so weird... this is 2010 people!!! Hahaha!!! I'm a web designer so I think of these things and I can tell GC is using some old ass forum platform shiz... but its not THAT bad I guess... it's doing the trick.
  6. i found facebook harder to use initially than gc forums but thats just me...

  7. I really, really like it, myself.

    I've been to some of the other weed forums on the internet, and I cannot fucking stand their layout/software/whatnots.
    It's always so convoluted and confusing and... crappy... :p

    This is honestly the simplest and most user-friendly forum I've come across. At least as far as weed forums go. ;)

  8. For real.

    Anyone familiar with VB can easily navigate GC.
  9. Ok its not as bad as I was thinking... but i'm a FB user and this is def. more difficult. Like... I was trying to approve a friend request on here and it wouldnt let me accept... so i tried frieing them, and THEN it worked... maybe it cause i'm on a mac though...

  10. Some of it is kinda confusing the first time, but not anymore confusing (probably less) than any other forum.
    I haven't had to approve a friend request for a while, but I think once you click on the link that takes you to the request screen, it'll show you a box with their name and avatar and a check box. You just check the box and then check a bubble that says "Accept friend requests" or something.

    It's something like that. :p
  11. get your head out of your ass, man, I have no problems with people giving me good advice, but you you have no idea what you are talking about.... if grasscity would use your brand new shizzle 2010 new software goodies bla bla bla you are referring to ,not over 3000 people simultaneously would browse the board, but 30..... for real mister "webdesigner" , live and learn.... and yes you're stoned...


  12. Neener....Neener:devious:

    I Love this place :D SJ and his staff bust their humps for us, THANKS GC:wave::smoke:

    Upgrade is awesome, faster then greased lightnin':smoke:
  13. These days every kid with a copy of Dreamweaver or FrontPage thinks he's a 'web designer' so don't let it hurt your feelings too much :D

    Web designer...heh that was a good one though...:laughing:
  14. I was a web designer in middle school. True story:D

  15. Lol, same.
    Actually it was more high school for me. My 'senior project' was designing a web page.
    Finished that shit in like 1 hour tops. :p
  16. THIS is a REAL web designer.

  17. lol, for sure he is...
  18. I learned web design from the best.

  19. Its not hard at all man... I do have a suggestion though...

    perhaps a chin strap for your helmet would make it easier...:p.:poke:
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