wtf stung me...

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    I was walking with my girl the other day alongside a canal when a big black bug came up out of the ground, flew around us once or twice, and stung me right on the calf. I was bleeding where the fucker hit me, hurt pretty bad for 5 minutes, followed by 15 more minutes of strange pressure around the sting. The rest of that day there was only a little swelling around the spot where it got me, about the size of a penny. However, went to sleep, woke up, and now the redness is the size of a baseball, the entire area is hotter then usual to the touch, and it itches pretty bad.

    Any ideas as to what I pissed off?

    I assume it was a wasp of some sort, was definitely all black
  2. Damn insects, pillaging and stinging like nobody's business.

    I shake my fist at them.
  3. Horse fly maybe. Google their bites and see if it looks like that.

  4. :laughing: Word, I take the blame for this one as I disturbed this creature...shit aint cute though.

    I have been bit by a horse fly before, this was a more intense feeling then that for sure. Didn't think of that one though :) Checked out the bites just to be sure, they don't look similar IMO
  5. probably just one of these

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  6. That dude follows me around but we tight just wish the thing would let me get to sleep, he always trying to play scrabble and shit
  7. probably a fucking hornet man hahaha

    or perhaps a great black wasp... ive heard there stings can be more like getting hit by a baseball bat mixed with having a fever lol
  8. oh man lol didn't consider the hornet possibility, not much wildlife where I live at so when I am away and see non-human creatures of any kind its a bit of a shock :eek: I just didn't expect to have this redness and swelling still. whatever it was, fuck that thing
  9. not they sting people alot, but could have been a dirt dauber, which is a black wasp similar in size of a regular red wasp. the stings can be just as painful as a red wasp.

  10. lol coincidentally these mother fuckers are also one of the only predators to the black widow...

    aka its a sketch fucking wasp
  11. Don't be runnin up on the wrong turf homes. Sting yo ass nigguh
  12. a part of me wishes I got a better look at this thing because all these names you guys are dropping look similar according to image searches. but then the part that got stung tells me I got a good enough look :laughing:

  13. most of the time these wasps are docile towards humans. prime example being i have been around these particular insects my entire life and have not personally met someone who has been stung by one. not saying that it doesnt happen, but it is extremely rare. so rare, that in all reality you have a better chance of winning the powerball or getting struck by lightening in the same place twice.
  14. that is no wasp or fly

    that is something a lot meaner
    could have been a real nasty hornet or bee
  15. ive been stung by wasps, and bees, and hornets. its not rare at all, especially if you actually spend time outside.
  16. manbearpig
  17. Hahhah its real!

    The swelling went down, all I have left is a mark where it stung me...guess it was a hornet. Thats the last time I am going to a rural area, staying in the city where the air kills most creatures.
  18. A cicada killer.

  19. I live in an urban area but my parents are out in the suburbs and in their backyard those fuckers made about 20 holes! They are pretty wild bugs man

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