WTF Southern Texas

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  1. Me and my buddy are currently on the road, driving all the way from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles, CA. Our first stop was in Memphis, then we pushed through to Plano, TX. We then decided to take out a big chunk of desert in one day and get all the way to El Paso. Right after we passed through Odessa, we started seeing snow flurries, and were vaguely confused. Then suddenly we were in a full-fledged snowstorm (got up to 8 inches in some places). We are currently stuck in Van Horn, TX. I start work on the 7th in LA, hope I make it! Any stops we should make on the way from here to cali?
  2. You wanna see a real storm come to canada, son.

    Good luck!
  3. Tombstone Arizona, right on your way.
  4. Texas: get all four seasons in one day. If you don't like the weather, wait half an hour. :)
  5. Exactly. Its so hard to make plans down here haha. Get some peyote on your trip while your in the desert haha

  6. I end up watching NetFlix or playing pool in a friend's garage.
  7. listen to some screw
  8. Nothing like Texas weather. :)
  9. Get outta there as fast as you can!!!

    That's my only advice to you...
    I spent over a month in del rio tx and swear I didn't even see one good looking girl the entire time. Texas sucks balls.
  10. Not down here in Houston lol.
  11. Del Rio? Shit Austin is where it's at man.
  12. Yea I'm sure the bigger cities are alright. Del rio is tiny and miserable lol.
  13. Went to Tombstone, it was fucking fantastic. Making the final push to Cali tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion

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