WTF Social Security Administration?

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  1. Seriously, how bad does the government fuck up everything they touch? It amazes me that so many people advocate for more government control and intervention when we have so many examples for reasons to get the government the fuck out of their business

    Over $6M in Social Security benefits stolen from bank accounts

    The Social Security Administration's inspector general released an audit finding the agency's "my Social Security" program has put roughly $11 million in benefits into the wrong bank accounts.

    My Social Security was created in 2012 and allows beneficiaries to set up direct deposit accounts for their retirement and disability payments. Identity thieves soon began abusing the system.

    "In January 2013, the Agency enhanced my Social Security to allow individuals to change their direct deposit bank information," the inspector general said. "Shortly after SSA made this change, the Agency and the Office of the Inspector General began receiving fraud allegations related to unauthorized direct deposit changes."

    Since 2014, $10.9 million in benefit payments made to 7,200 individuals were deposited into the wrong accounts. Of that, $6.2 million were stolen and never recovered by the government.

    "SSA noted that, generally, financial institutions only return misdirected funds to the Department of the Treasury when the funds are still in the bank account," the inspector general said. "Financial institutions cannot return misdirected funds that are no longer in a bank account."

    In the first year of the direct deposit service in 2013, $20 million went to the wrong accounts, and the agency did not recover $9 million.
  2. The loss of 8-10 million dollars a year is a drop in the bucket, considering the astronomical amount of Social Security recipients, and trillions in funds.
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  3. drop in the bucket to a government that prints money when it needs it. 8-10 million is hardly a drop in the bucket for me, or anyone else on here I suspect.
  4. Didn't congress pilfer Social Security anyways back in like the 80s or 90s
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  5. I suspect that to take the proper precautions to prevent these losses, if it's even possible, would cost more than the amounts they're losing. Every institution loses some money, with SS it's inevitable because of all the variables and number of people. Perfection is impossible, in any venture.
  6. They stole our SS from us by misappropriation. They are constantly taking monies from us in one form or another. We allow the Senate to have a third of the year off (or I'd it half?) and make shitty decisions for us that they don't have to live by. We allow all of it. It won't stop, won't change until we are ALL of us up in arms about it. I'm not anti-government per se, but I'm certainly not happy about it. We often think of people who work for the government not having a lot of money but those officials make more than most of us can dream of and the longer they are in office the more retirement they have. All that ss money they have pillaged means nothing to them. They couldn't care less about any of the rest of us poor chumps who take it willingly. No wonder they don't have any respect for us.
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  7. Must be a Russian hack to add to Trump's 2020 reelection campaign. Then leave it up to the Right to blame the IRS for getting robbed. It's a win win for the Right. Sad......very very....sad.
  8. I'm not saying that SS is right or wrong, as it exist today, that's another thread, but I think it's unealistic to expect any operation of this magnitude to run 100% perfect all the time.
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  9. You are not thinking like a republican. Govt institutions can never do anything right and the only fix to give the funds to the boys on Wall St to do it right.
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  10. While this is bad and definitely typical government incompetence, the real threat to your SS money is the Feds are going bankrupt. They can borrow today and borrow tomorrow, but if you're in your 20's or 30's, I wouldn't expect to see any of that SS money again.
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  11. Something the Right has been saying since 1935.
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  12. I guess the game is keeping the borrowing cycle alive until your lifespan is up. It's why Your Boy Bernie was so happy to promise 20 year olds free everything. His ass will be grass long before the bill comes due, ironically it's the 20 somethings that will end up picking up the check for their "free" stuff.
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  13. Calm down, Bernie proposed tuition free college. With college loan debt in the trillions and the unaffordable cost, many not longer can afford college. The Right believes that we have enough educated people already? The Right prefers to keep out kids ignorant, with everything they need to know is what they see and hear on Fox News and Alex Jones
  14. Why do you think the cost of college has ballooned so much? Because so many kids take out government subsidized loans to study things that don't pay off for them or for society. If people didn't take out massive loans to go to college for frivolous reasons, my STEM courses would probably be a lot cheaper.

    There should be some barrier to higher education, so you only get the serious people. You should have to make a few sacrifices for it. There's already way too many people in school because they have no better plan.
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  15. You may be right. We should try for the dreams and aspiration the Klan and Nazis have planned for America and the world. Must be hard supporting all these losers. Why educate when gassing is cheaper!
  16. What a crazy thing. The biggest robbers in the world getting robbed haha.
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  17. You want to see real waste? Check out almost any large company. I can think of hundreds of millions of dollars that are wasted at my company and I don't even work at a massive company.
  18. you are correct. My previous company was very wasteful. However, that is their money, not mine or yours. We are talking about government waste with a government that is what, 13 trillion in debt and counting? I have a hard time beliving that putting in the checks and balances to wipe out the idiocy of depositing money in the wrong accounts would cost more than it could save. Pretty simple really, computers do a lot of this already, you could easily just update the program to automatically verify the persons account information hadn't changed. If it did, it should pop them into a group that requires follow up to reach out to the person in question. Common sense really.
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  19. It's totally ok man. The Federal Reserve will just print more money. :wacko:
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  20. yup, so, so true.
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