..wtf seriously .. 'sweet sixteen'

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, May 9, 2006.

  1. ..anyone else wanan fuckin BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THESE BRATS !?? =D
  2. Yea every time i see that show theres some bitchy girl crying to her dad that he only bought the 100,000 dollar car and she wanted the 200,000. I dont get how all of their parents just give in to anything so eaisly.
  3. i kno.. this chicks cryin cause hillary duff wont go to her party ................................. or greenday or some shit..........
  4. fuckin brat just got 2 cars..
  5. Yeah, somebody needs to beat them.
  6. yeah i saw that one. I have actually seen quite a few of them. I am not too sure why i watch. It is kind of like a car wreck, you just cannot look away no matter how bad it is(only example i could think of)

    i could not believe she got the eclipse on top of the suv. and they way the dad said it too pissed me off "she will need a car to drive around on the weekends". fucking brats. it is unbelieveable that they CRY over this crap.
  7. haha for my sixteenth birthday, my mom got me a new blanket and a case of Bawls Energy. Thats all I wanted and I was happy with it. For my 18th I got 100 bucks of birthday money and some books. Again, happy.

    Im very tired of girls who are so rich they can afford to be 'daddy's little spend thrift'.
    I know a girl who for her 16th birthday, is having her mom and dad buy her a Porsche. Im not talking a used one, a brand new model. Whats that gonna run, 75? 80? Its pathetic! You cant go through life having your parents pay for everything. These are the same people who get their kids into an Ivy League college and watch them flunk out like piss warm beer at a frat party.

    Im still saving up for my car, and I'll be happy with a used one.. But I still feel alot better about having it because I paid for it and I will pay for the components I may or may not add on to it. Plus it helps with the whole 'being careful' with your car. If my car hits a wall, I wont have daddy coming by to buy me a new one. ^-^ Just a thought.

  8. all my more recent birthday CDs and books, and god damn was i happy

    "my sweet 16 cost more than my parents wedding and some other expensive bullshit...and it was totally worth mindfucking my parents all these years in to giving me all this uneccesary bullshit because i need shiny things"

    i fucking hate that show, my mom watches it and shit sometimes, once she was watching it, and i seriously snapped on her and started yelling at her how those kids are spoiled fuckin' brats, growing up my sisters were spoiled, or so i thought, they aren't bad at all (at least not now or in the past 3-5 years) but those kids are fucking douche bags for having there parents spend so much fucking money for live performances 70,000 dollar cars and then still whine about how they saw a fucking dust speck and yell at their parents for not loving her because there was some dust. i dont fucking know, i hate those kids, if i did ever run into one, no matter where i was i'd whip my dick out and slap them with it over and over and over till my dick was all sore and bruised...and it would be damn well worth it

  9. LMFAO thats hilarious... +rep

    i've never seen it... and from the sounds of it im glad.
  10. dude i could not agree with you more. i wanna slam their faces into a fuckin telephone pole. they are so ignorant, so fucking ignorant. i cant even watch the show for laughs anymore, it just makes me pissed.
  11. I want to be like the next Hitler. Except instead of throwing Jews and Gypsys and Homosexuals into concentration camps, I'll throw spoiled little shits like this in there. And douchebags and idiots (but only douchebaggy idiots, I have a few friends who're stupid - they're like puppies. Can't blame 'em.).
  12. I can't believe that Spanish chick was 14... She looks 18 to me!! :eek:
  13. for my 16th birthday my mom put me in a juvenille detion center for leaving the house with out permission and smoking cigs.. how pathetic is that.. o well fuck it i got more birthdays that just my 16th
  14. Change the channel... why even bother wasting your time with that garbage. I cringe at those close minded fucks.
  15. haha yeah they're like

    "This party cost my daddy over $400,000...but I think it's realllly worth it, I had a blast the whole night!"
  16. I was flipping channels, and SS came on, so I sold my tv, and bought crack.
    Now im a crackhead, thank you sweet sixteen. :mad:
  17. lol
  18. i didn't get shit when i was a kid.
  19. what i think i missed sumthin wtf is sweet sixteen, sounds like sum thing by those twins that are really rich... they are actors... they're chicks... shit it'll come to me
  20. My GF actually went to camp and roomed with one of them. She was a lot cooler in real life and wasn't stuck up at all.

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