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Discussion in 'Politics' started by jay-bird, Jun 20, 2013.

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  2. Nah. Maybe in a little while if no one finds out where this is really from I'll tell you guys.
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    The first picture was taken in Philadelphia.  The radioactive-looking green stuff was put there by the Philadelphia Water Dept.   It's a harmless food dye, used to help them find sink holes, cave-ins, and other holes in the ground.   
  4. WTF dude you just ruined the whole thread. Anyway, do you visit also? If not, where did you find out about this?
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    I didn't use snopes.   The first thing I noticed was PGW, which is Philadelphia Gas Works, I compared the license
    plate in the picture to others for PA to verify it, finally I googled green slime, or something similar, with Philadelphia Gas Works, which led me to newspaper articles with the picture, which explained it.    
    Sorry, I'm good at research but didn't mean to ruin anything! 
  6. Yeah dude that is pretty perceptive/inquisitve of you.. or maybe you have a lot of experience! Nice work. You prolly would've been a good detective.
  7. Yeah, I've been told that I'd have been good at detective work.  I've done my share of uncovering missing or hard-to-find business documents in various jobs, finding long-lost family history details going back hundreds of years, etc.   
    They should have called you in to find Bin Laden garrison, only side affect would be half the middle east would be radioactive now....  :bolt:  :bolt:  :bolt:  :bolt:
  9. Only the best detectives use google :p
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    OK, I get your point but I've been around since long before google was even founded,   
    In addition, most of my early GC posts, and threads, were on the topic of bin laden and 9/11.   Bin laden was eventually found, and killed, while living in a garrison city.   :devious: 
  11. It was good, that's all I'm saying. He fuckin' stumped me lol. Shouldn't go be a real detective right now, but it was a mixture of inquisitveness, good memory, and experience, as epic as I'm making it out to be.
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    Looks like Yellow #5 to me (I think- I used to work a lot with FD&C dyes, and I think yellow 5 was the day-glo yellow one, but I can't remember off the top of my head)

    Have you seen a bottle of Mountain Dew lately? Funny how when that color is in a puddle on the ground we think "radioactive sludge".

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