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  1. YO! Blades,

    Greeting and salavations!!! Have a problem and hope that the great mass of grass knowledge will be able to help. Bought a clone that was sold as K-train from a grower and from the looks of things "It ain't a Ford or Chevy" Now there are Two strains of K-Train, the one I purchased was sold as a Kush/Trainwreck strain.

    The Kush/Trainwreck strain on the below URL is from Green House Seed Company. It doesn't look anything like what the attached photo looks like.

    What do ya'll think?????????

    I found another forum that had pictures posted of the K-Train strain sold by Green House Seed Company and they look nothing alike.

    K-TRAIN - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

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  2. some times veg leaves look different from flowering leaves all so make sure you look at what the kush stain and the trainwreck to what they look like by them self to see if you got more of one then the other.
  3. Hotabomb!!!

    Thanks for the comeback, Its kinda dicey about what I see in the young plant, long narrow leaves gives you an impression that it is heavy on the indica side of the family but dosn't lend itstelf to much on the stativa family. I have an idea!!! Strong Indica got jumped by a sativa. Na, to primorial . Jury still out on this one.
    Thanks for your input, all information is usefull information.

  4. You mean *sativa; long slender leaves etc. :)



    You'll see a variety of different phenos, or plants with different traits when germinating certain strains and crosses, especially those that are newer and have undergone less phenotype isolation, and in those seeds that have been recently and inadvertently 'contaminated' with new genetics, so it's not all that unusual to find a bit of variety, or plants that aren't quite similar or consistent trait-wise. :)
  5. Oh, if it helps, here's a k-train closer to completion, courtesy of google....


    Compared to your leaves, you could be ok. It's sold as a 'mostly indica', but it appears there are
    more sativa-esque phenotypes floating around :)

    Just keep an eye on your ph, how much you're watering, and your feed/ec levels. A container that
    doesn't allow light penetration would also be helpful.

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  6. Keep in mind that anything grown by seed is going to be a crapshoot as far as which phenotypes show up. You could grow two plants, from the same seed stock, and get two completely different looking/tasting/yeilding/smelling plants.
  7. Many thanks for all that have responded and thank you Badkitty, you put me straight. I was a little f_cked up at the time I posted and "Halleluiah I have Seen the Light".

    A little more background on this one; I got it as a clone from a guy, transported half way to hell and back. He turned me on the the smoke of the strain and I wound up talking to the trees. Said to my self gotta grow this one

    There are so many people selling so many different strains and cross breeds that it really hard to determine just what you have. I have a lavender Kush growing and its a bud monster . Easy to grow and produces well. I have cloned and found out that its the only way to go in a grow.

    Peace Brother and Sisters of the bud!


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