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    This past month my luck has been shit. I just got a new bong. Blue Dot Glass brand. and its nice. I wasn't home for two days so it just sat in the bubble wrap. When I finally had time to give her the first rip. I filled the first chamber then the perc.

    Now I have never used a perc before. I did everything right I know that much. But when i was grinding my buds my bong water changed. I dumped it then refilled it. I watched it just to notice my perc looks like it has a small hole letting the water leak threw(sp?). I called the headshop i got it from and talked to the owner. He said come down and don't bring the bong. I told him i didn't smoke out of it yet and brought it anyway.

    I left it in the car and after a few minutes of him telling me that you don't put water in the perc chamber i said fine. Then why aint the chambers air tight. He fed me some bullshit about there being an ice catcher when I know for a fact that its a splash guard. He said when the ice melts it fills the perc chamber then it leaks down so it don't flood.

    I know this aint true so i showed him mine leak. he said its normal. he wasn't giving me a hard time I could tell he didn't know what was going on. He tested another bong after i bugged him to. It leaked as well it was the same brand and same bong just different color.

    I told him it shouldn't leak then he poured the water in. Well it leaked. I got him to call the company Monday and ask. I just hope they tell him that they must be fucked up and he lets me make a trade. If it was a 50$ bong it wouldn't be a big deal but i paid 175$ and the day after i spent my check I got fired so Im just really rip shit and want my moneys worth. I mean who wouldn't.

    Maybe im wrong and that's why im posting. Maybe someone can tell me this really is a style of perc. Or maybe someone has had this problem and can tell me how to fix it. I just hope I don't get fucked over.

    (you cant see the hole in the pics its very small and unnoticeable but im going to take a vid later and post it up as well.)

    and here is the vid.

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  2. I can't really see the perk in that pic, can you post one of just the perk? It looks like it may be a very strange splash guard. Are the holes only at the top?
  3. Looks like a splash guard indeed..

  4. $175 for a faulty blue dot? you got ripped off, brother
  5. My comp sucks but i got a somewhat shitty vid up. I see the leak everytime but i dont know how well everyone else will see it
  6. Yes Yes i did :(
  7. yeah hate to break it to you, but that is definitely leaking due to a poorly attached perc. Right where the arm is attached to the tube it is leaking, as I'm sure you can see. It shouldnt do that.
  8. I couldn't believe the owner tried telling me your not supposed to put water in it. I called him on all of it and told him everything i knew about the bong parts. he didn't know what to do so i hope Monday when i call he can be a man and just say ok. i fucked up ill trade it for something of equal value. I spent all of today trying to think of ways to fix it and got nothing but now i can find that damn pin sized hole ever time.

  9. just tell him "you sold me faulty merchandise, and as a business owner you should either refund me or give me store credit"

    but you could probably say it more polite than that.
  10. Yeah I agree with shitloaf. It seems in your situation they HAVE to at least trade you for something of same value or lesser and refund you the rest. No store is allowed to sell known faulty merchandise. Since you even tried it on one of theirs, you're golden.
  11. Ah, yeah, thats definitely a leak, and that is designed to hold water. The guy is just full of shit. If you talk to him he may listen, just explain that he sold a faulty piece, and he should talk to his supplier and get his money back, and give you yours back. for that price obviously you wouldn't sue him, so he could just say no, but very few companies would do that.
    sorry man, tough luck.

  12. Im going to call him in a few minutes to see what he says. He said he was going to call the company today I'm just hoping for good news.
  13. Let us know man!
  14. Just called him twice and no pick up. I left him a message with my number and told him ill call back at 5. Ill update with new news when I get some. Until then Im ganna hit the late 420 bowl.
  15. sorry brother, always sucks to see a blade get ripped off. but i hope you and your lhs dude can get it worked out... but yeah until then, just keep toking from a pipe man good luck
  16. So he just called back. He called the company and there ganna call him tomorrow. He stressed about the peace being clean and it is so im pretty sure I got a trade.:hello::bongin:
  17. congrats dude,
    not too many people speak up when they get ripped off.
    + rep for sure.
  18. just got of the phone with the owner. I can come in anytime for a trade. Will post pics of my victory later.
  19. Just got back this is what i got. Its by Gabe Witted, From Oregon

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  20. Job well done indeed I think it's even nicer looking than the first one

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