wtf new drugs to break "dependency"??

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Holy crap there's drugs being created to break people from “marijuana-dependency” wtf!?! ..that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!

    The only people claiming they're addicted to marijuana are idiots, and people busted who have to choose between “treatment” or jail. Neither of these groups need this shit. This is extreme stupidity!

    The next thing they'll be doing is performing lobotomies on “marijuana addicts” in order to achieve their goal of “sustained abstinence”. I freakin' bet you when these crap-ass drugs fail they'll start slicing and dicing us in order to ‘protect society'.

    And look at the shit they're creating:
    1. Baclofen – causes seizures, muscle weaknes and hallucinations
    2. Clozapine – seizures, weak pulse, twitching
    3. Gabapentin - blurred and double vision, nausea, vomiting, tremors
    4. Selegiline – headaches, confusion, blurred vision, twitching
    etc etc

    sorry, couldn't believe what I was reading, had to vent :mad:
  2. well yes, the drug they made seems more harmful, but i dont think its that rediculous if someone thinks they are addicted to marijuana....i think im pretty dependent on it and i know it...people just thin kbc everyone says its not addicting, that people can not become addicted to it. you can be addicted to almost anything..
  3. your kidding yourself. Anything taken over a period of time can become an addiction. your body needs it.

    Am i addicted? yea probably. do i care? no not at all. its not become a bad addiction, and you dont know many people who suck dick for weed.

    Its not a very strong addiction, but truthfully, for me, its the hardest one. I could never stop smoking. EVER.

    If i got put on probation, id be the kid that tried to hide it, and gets his random color on a day i smoked, which would more than likely be everyday.

    So, as the old saying goes, what you put in your body may effect you differently than everyone else.

  4. Sounds like the pharmaceutical companies are fighting back. Not only are they trying to create a new disease called "marijuana dependency", they are trying to make even more money than they already make from it by making fucking pills for it? Wow...I mean I have to admit, good anti-pot strategy by the pharm companies.
  5. yeah thats a bunch of bull shit. if ur addicted to weed you have weak will power. my friend smoked every day for 8 years 11yrs old to 19yrs old and last month just quit because he wanted to get a job. and every day he tells me he cant wait till he gets the job so he can smoke but he dosent feel the urge to smoke because hes addicted he feels the urge to smoke because hes friends and very 1 around him smokes.
  6. I apologize for being so hard on people who consider themselves addicted to marijuana.
    I should not be so dismissive of something I simply cannot understand.

    However, and with all due respect there is a world of difference between being habitually addicted to something and being chemically addicted to something.
    Marijuana is not chemically addictive we all know that, but I totally conceed that habits may be harder for some people to break than for others.
    Anything done over a period of time can become an addiction. your body gets used to doing it.

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